Graduate Programs

Graduate study is offered in the IME Department at both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy levels.  Graduate students work in partnership with faculty advisors on problems at the cutting edge of 21st century engineering.  Most graduate students will have one or more professional papers published in respected professional journals or conference proceedings, in addition to their disquisition document.

Graduate study in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering is open to all qualified baccalaureate graduates from universities and colleges of recognized standing. In addition to the Graduate School requirements, applicants must submit a GRE score. 

  • M.S. - 310 (Verbal + Quantitative) and 160 Quantitative minimum and Analytical Writing score of 4.0 or better
  • Ph.D.  - 310 or better (Verbal + Quantitative) and 160 Quantitative minimum and Analytical Writing score of 4.5 or better

Master of Science

The IME Department offers M.S. degrees both in Industrial Engineering and Management and in Manufacturing Engineering.  Both degrees are available in either thesis or project options.  The thesis option is the most common.  It requires a total of 30 credits of study and is open to students who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree in a related engineering discipline.  Students from other disciplines may be admitted to graduate study in either IME discipline, but may need additional preparation in discipline-specific prerequisite topics.  The project option is open only to students who have been professionally employed in industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering positions and who are working in their career field at the time of admission to graduate study.  This option is intended principally for part-time study by currently-employed engineers.

Doctor of Philosophy

All doctoral degrees awarded in the IME Department are in the combined discipline of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.  Doctoral students seeking specialization in selected fields within either industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering achieve their concentration through elective coursework and selection of dissertation topic.

Application Deadlines

Applications for graduate study in the IME Department should be sent to The Graduate School. In order to be assured of full consideration for fall admission, completed applications should be received by The Graduate School before March 1. Applicants seeking admission for spring semester should ensure that the application file is complete before August 15

For further information or questions, click on the graduate school's inquiry form, or please contact our Graduate Coordinator, Dr. David Grewell:

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