These students know how support of scholarships benefits future nurses


Fraternal twins Sadie and Sarah Bolton from Hazen, North Dakota have been doing their best to match each other since the day they were born 10 minutes apart. They both, for example, knew they wanted to pursue careers that would impact people’s lives. “Naturally, I went into nursing because that is what my twin sister was doing!” said Sadie, of her older twin.

Both appreciate the opportunity to attend school close to home at the NDSU School of Nursing at Sanford Health in Bismarck. “I also was very interested in nursing due to the variety of career paths I will be able to choose from once I become a nurse,” said Sarah.

“As a nursing student and nurse, I have the opportunity to impact someone’s life in minor and major ways every shift,” said Sadie. “I will be able to work a variety of hours, in a variety of facilities, in a variety of locations, and with a variety of people.”

Both sisters agree that scholarships and student development that are supported by funds provided by generous donors are extremely important to the next generation of nurses. Scholarships assist with the cost of school and impact students’ cost of tuition.

“Having a lower tuition could mean the student having to work less, therefore allowing more time to focus on school,” said Sarah. “This helps decrease the amount of debt the student will be responsible for. Nursing scholarships help to motivate students to continue their education.”

Sadie echoes the sentiment. “Scholarships are a very encouraging reward for students’ hard work and future education.”

The sisters are scholarship recipients. This matching, yet distinctive, set of future nurses both say their close bond enhances their nursing education.

“It is a lot of fun sharing the process of becoming a nurse with her,” according to Sarah. “I believe we are both very lucky to experience nursing school together.”

They look forward to their future as nurses, with Sadie summing up the benefits of her future career. “Getting to help others every shift, the flexibility of the job, the hands-on aspect, and the continuous education is what I really love about nursing.”

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