NDSU Nursing Fargo

Dedicated and experienced faculty in the NDSU School of Nursing help you reach your nursing career goals. Course objectives, policies and procedures are identical between the Fargo and Bismarck sites in this high quality accredited program. 

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ALLMARAS, Dawn, Academic Assistant, 701.231.7208, SGC D111, Dawn.Allmaras@ndsu.edu  
ASKEW, Lori, Academic Assistant, 701.231.5692, SGC D102, Loretta.Askew@ndsu.edu 


BARNACLE, Mykell, Assistant Professor of Practice 701.231.7730 D115 Mykell.Barnacle@ndsu.edu
BORK, Janis, Budget Coordinator 701.231.5863 SGC D110, Janis.Bork@ndsu.edu
BRASS, Doreen, Lecturer - Simulation Educator 701.231.7654 Sudro 135 Doreen.Brass@ndsu.edu
BUETTNER-SCHMIDT, Kelly, Associate Professor,  701.231.8232, SGC D119 Kelly.Buettner-Schmidt@ndsu.edu  


DAHMS, Shannon, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.6698, SGC D130, Shannon.Dahms@ndsu.edu 


ERICKSON, Stephanie, Lecturer, 701.231.6698, SGC D130, Stephanie.Erickson.3@ndsu.edu 


FALK, Kara, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.9794, SGC D115, Kara.Falk@ndsu.edu 


GORES, Gail, Simulation Educator, 701.231.7694, Sudro 135, Gail.Gores@ndsu.edu  
GRANDBOIS, Donna, Associate Professor, 701.231.9793, R2 206G, Donna.Grandbois@ndsu.edu
GROOM, Amanda, Academic Advisor, 701.231.8110, Sudro 222G, Amanda.Groom.1@ndsu.edu 
GROSS, Carla, Associate Dean of Nursing, Chair of Nursing (Fargo), 701.231.7772, SGC D113, Carla.Gross@ndsu.edu 
GROSS, Dean, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.8355, SGC D114, Dean.Gross@ndsu.edu
GUTHMILLER, Martha, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7775, SGC D124, Martha.Guthmiller@ndsu.edu 


HAGEN, Jane, Academic Assistant, 701.231.7395, SGC D102, Jane.Hagen@ndsu.edu
HAUG, Karla, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.5128, SGC D125, Karla.Haug@ndsu.edu
HEUER, Loretta, Professor, 701.231.8205, SGC D120, Loretta.Heuer@ndsu.edu
HOHMAN, Adam, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.8016, SGC D133, Adam.Hohman@ndsu.edu  


KETTERLING, Julie, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7369, SGC D121A, Julie.M.Hageman@ndsu.edu 
KISER-LARSON, Norma, Professor Emeritus, Norma.Kiser-Larson@ndsu.edu 


LUNDEEN, Tina, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7747, SGC D116, Tina.Lundeen@ndsu.edu 


MACKOWICK, Maggie, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7746, SGC D131, Margaret.Mackowick@ndsu.edu 
MCDANIEL, Becky, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7840, SGC D129/130, Becky.Mcdaniel@ndsu.edu   
MOONEY, Mary Margaret, Professor Emeritus, Mary.Mooney@ndsu.edu  


RIGGINS, Janet, Lecturer, 701.231.7738, Sudro 222K, Janet.Riggins@ndsu.edu  


SAARINEN, Heidi, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7604, SGC D112, Heidi.Saarinen@ndsu.edu  
SANDHURST, Holly, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7886, SGC D126, Holly.L.Sandhurst@ndsu.edu  
SCHAEFFER FRAASE, Kolby, Lecturer, 701.231.8002, Sudro 222M, Kolby.Schaeffer.1@ndsu.edu  
SECOR-TURNER, Molly, Associate Professor, 701.231.7517, SGC D132, Molly.Secor-Turner@ndsu.edu
STROM, Trish, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7604, SGC 133, Trish.Strom@ndsu.edu  
SWANSON, Kathleen, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.8010, SGC D126, Kathleen.B.Swanson@ndsu.edu  


THOMPSON, Shila, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.7924, SGC D118, Shila.Thompson@ndsu.edu 
TURRUBIATES, Nancy, Lecturer/Public Health Clinical Coordinator, 701.231.7467, SGC D121A, Nancy.Turrubiates@ndsu.edu 


VETTER, Abigail, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.6742, Sudro D135, Abigail.Vetter@ndsu.edu  

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