Andrea Huseth-Zosel, PhD, CPH

Associate Professor
640Q Aldevron Tower


Doctor of Philosophy, Gerontology, 2014
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 

Bachelor of Science, Secondary Social Studies Education, 2002
Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, MN 

Master of Science, Sociology, 2000
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 1997
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND


Certified in Public Health


Associate Professor, Master of Public Health Program

Areas of Expertise

Rural/Urban Disparities
Injury Prevention
Impact of COVID-19 on older populations
Impact of COVID-19 on educators (higher ed and K12)
Social/Behavioral Sciences in Public Health 
Gender and Public Health
Menstruation Hygiene Management

Professional Memberships

Gerontological Society of America
American Public Health Association
North Dakota Public Health Association 
Society for Public Health Education


Injury Control and Emergency Health Services Policy Committee, American Public Health Association
North Dakota Statewide Occupant Protection Task Force
North Dakota Child Passenger Safety Advisory Committee
North Dakota Injury Prevention Coalition 


PH 101:  Introduction to Public Health 
PH 741:  Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health
PH 761: Injury Prevention
PH 765:  Cultural Competence in Health Professions
PH 785:  Women’s Health


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