Interdisciplinary minor in internet web design: the complete curriculum.

COMM 260, Principles of Internet Web-Based Design
Class Resources

Commercial web site resources:

World Wide Web Consortium: learn about web standards from the Big Boss. Resources:

XHML tutorial. XHTML is a "stricter, cleaner" version of HTML, according to W3C. This tutorial is a bit more formal, requiring you to enroll, and sending exercises by email. The good part is it's still free, and offers you a certificate at the end. I haven't taken the tutorial, but have had good luck with other information from the web site.

Web developer's handbook. An extensive index of links covering just about every web resource available on the web, including HTML tools, CSS tools, color tools, typography, royalty-free photos, JavaScript, blogging, and things I don't even recognize.

Need pictures? I like to use my own, but you may not. While you can't legally nab other people's photos without permission, you can find free photos all over the web. (Try MorgueFile--kind of like your mom's big box of snaps, but hey, free is free.) If you're looking for better quality, but still cheap, Try iStockPhoto: the intro page claims 453,000 lmages, and 7,000 added each week, for a cost of only $1 (low-res) to $3 (high-res).

Ross's resources:

Beginning quiz.

Writing for the web.

Midterm exam review.

HTML and CSS quizzes for review.

What's a gig?

Find more on the web.

Quick info: evaluating a web site; lecture synopsis and checklist.

Final exam review.

HTML exercises:

CSS exercises:

HTML/CSS final exercise.

Need to know more CSS code? Here's a comprehensive alphabetized index of CSS properties.

Dreamweaver exercises:

Learn more on line! Dreamweaver is a "deep" program, meaning a lot to learn. Here's one free tutorial offered by

Web writing exercises:

Design exercises:

Beginning Photoshop for web designers:

Web credibility: comparing two news web sites.

Lecture Synopses:

"Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught."-- Sir Winston Churchill, British politician (1874 - 1965)

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