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Program Agreements

North Dakota State University has articulation agreements and transfer guides with institutions domestically to aid in the transfer process.

Articulation agreements are formalized transfer partnerships that outline the curricular relationship between an accredited institution and NDSU. These agreements are intended to facilitate the seamless transfer of credit and reduce the credit loss between partnering institutions.  Seamless transfer of credit is best articulated by aligning program to program curricular requirements between institutions.  

The transfer guide is an informal agreement that should be used as a guide for students when choosing courses for transfer. Courses and program requirements are subject to change.

Agreement Template

The Office of Registration and Records has developed a general articulation agreement template to best facilitate the transfer of course work between sending and receiving programmatic curriculums. The template provides a framework and outline for agreements and promotes consistency and uniformity in the contracts entered into by NDSU. However, the template can be tailored to accommodate the unique aspects of each potential agreement.

Considerations Before Drafting an Agreement

  • What is the intention of this agreement?
  • How will this agreement fulfill university and departmental priorities?
  • Does your curriculum foster the seamless transfer of credits from the partner institution?
  • Will the outcome justify the means? – Does the intended outcome justify the resources needed for the creation, maintenance, and promotion of this agreement?
  • Who will in my academic unit will be designated as the responsible party for managing inquiries, changes, and other communications with the partner institution regarding this agreement?
  • How will this agreement be promoted by both parties?

Procedures for Developing Articulation Agreements

Draft Agreement

  1. Academic unit drafts the agreement using the agreement template in collaboration with the partner institution or external constituent. Academic units will include in the template of transfer of credit from the partner institution, indicate how they apply towards NDSU curriculum and outline remaining degree requirements at NDSU.
  2. Academic unit submits draft agreement to Nicolette Rapp,
  3. The Office of Registration and Records, the Office of Admission, and the NDSU AG will review draft agreement to ensure institutional and SBHE polices are being complied.
  4. Academic unit works with the Nicolette Rapp to make any needed revisions to the agreement based on the review and feedback.
  5. Academic unit confirms final agreement draft language with the potential partner, as well as the appropriate dean(s).

Finalize Agreement

  1. Academic unit submits final agreement draft to Nicolette Rapp, Assistant Registrar, at
  2. Nicolette Rapp submits final agreement draft to the University Registrar, University Provost, and ND AG for review.
  3. The University Registrar, University Provost, and ND AG makes any needed revisions and finalizes the agreement.
  4. Finalized agreement is sent to academic unit for Dean signatures and other appropriate representatives on the agreement.
  5. The academic unit is responsible for obtaining signatures from the partner institution.
  6. If a signing ceremony is requested, this can be facilitated between the academic unit/campus and the partner.
  7. When the signed agreement is returned, Nicolette Rapp will digitally record and post the official articulation on the transfer student services website.


Listing of Agreements:

Domestic Agreements    |     International Agreements

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