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Course Section and Classroom Event Scheduling

Registration and Records is the primary room scheduler for course scheduling and event reservations within classrooms.

Scheduling Policies and Procedures

The following resources should be reviewed when creating and updating each department's course schedule.

  • Course and Event Classroom scheduling procedures.  This document includes:
    • Guiding principles and priority for scheduling classes and events in classrooms
    • Applicable policies and procedures for section and event scheduling
    • An overview of the scheduling process
  • CLSS Instruction Guide for unit schedulers
  • Mimimum Section Size Standards
Course Section Scheduling

Registration & Records utilizes a room scheduling software to ensure the optimization of classroom usage.  In determining assignments, the following goals are taken into consideration:

  • Maximize seat fill percentage (room types & room size)
  • Evenly schedule courses throughout the day/week
  • Instructional needs
  • Location preferences

Academic departments will have the opportunity to provide course location edits for an upcoming term. If a non-specialized classroom is needed, the classroom assignment will be automated during the optimization process. Instructors should log into Campus Connection each term to confirm their classroom location.

Course & Section Monitoring

Ad Astra Monitor

Monitor is a web-based platform that is used to assist administrators and academic departments in monitoring student demand for courses by providing real-time enrollment data for each course directly from Campus Connection. This tool also provides a dashboard that promotes transparency around our course offerings and enrollment. Additional features include:

Increased Visibility 

  • Track how quickly courses are filling to help you understand how to adjust your offerings during the registration process to meet your students’ needs without wasting resources on unneeded sections.  

Convenient Access 

  • View registration data easily available with clear visualizations 
  • Drill into specific courses to learn how sections are filling 

Threshold Monitoring 

  • Track courses above and below certain enrollment ratio thresholds to help you understand which courses need attention 


  • Select specific courses for which to receive notifications 
  • Be notified of any registration status changes on a course

For questions or more information about course scheduling in a classroom or computer cluster, please

Classroom Event Reservations

After the academic schedule is in place, classrooms and computer clusters are available for event reservations. Examples of event reservations include:

  • Student organizational meetings
  • Guest speakers
  • Graduate student final defense
  • Supplementary classroom computer cluster

Reservations must be submitted to Registration and Records at least 24 hours in advance. Reservations are typically processed within 2 business days, but may be longer during busy times.  In rare occasions, last-minute reservations for the same day will be considered, but will not be considered nor processed after 2 p.m.

Processing of event reservations will begin each semester following the timeline below. 

Semester Timeline
Summer/Fall March 15
Spring October 15

It is the responsibility of the requester to comply with and complete all relevant procedures:

In addition to the classroom reservation form with Registration and Records, entities must complete a Facilities Use Agreement for Facilities Management 5 business days in advance if any of the following exist:

  • An NDSU student organization plans to hold an event/meeting in an NDSU facility
  • The event will require food service or food from an outside vendor/source
  • The event will involve non-NDSU entities or persons in attendance

Campus Departments: Facilities Use Agreement (See COVID-19 Guidelines)
Student Organizations:Facilities Use Agreement (Note: you must be logged into myNDSU to access the form)

For questions about reserving a classroom or computer lab, please contact:

Registration and Records, 701-231-7981

Contacts for non-classroom & Downtown reservations:

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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