NDSU Transform

NDSU is undergoing a tremendous transformation with the intention of creating a new Land Grant University that focuses on increased student success and outstanding research. To that end, the University is soliciting inspiration and ideas from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the community. 

Please see the links below for data that we have accumulated as we work towards these goals. You can send ideas, feedback, and constructive criticism to ndsu.transform@ndsu.edu.   

Incentivized Budget and Financial Operations

Improve our budget model and administrative organization for greater ease, efficiency, and fewer errors, while also incentivizing colleges.

Fall 2022

Engagement Overview
Budget and Financial Enhancements


Improve our ability to help our students achieve their dreams.

Strategies and Action Items

Fall 2022

Retention Roadshow Slides

Retention Rate
Graduate Completion Rates
Student Course Experiences Survey
Faculty Diversity Dashboard
Student Body Profile Dashboard
Enrollment History


Spring 2022

Online Hybrid Working Group Recommendations





Graduate Waivers

Ideas to make the graduate experience better and more sustainable.

Spring 2022
Tuition Waiver Recommendations


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