Mission Statement
Student Affairs and Institutional Equity at NDSU exists to provide students with inclusive, comprehensive services and co-curricular experiences.

Vision Statement
From recruitment to graduation, our work will prepare students to lead meaningful lives and contribute to society.

The following values serve as the foundation for our decision making and set the standard for how we interact with our students, families, co-workers and other constituents.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork:
    • We express genuine gratitude and appreciation for our colleagues’ daily efforts.
    • We communicate honestly, respectfully, and directly while welcoming feedback and dialogue.
    • We invite broad perspectives and experiences in decision making and planning.
  • Community and Inclusion:
    • We consciously and actively welcome and respect all members of our NDSU community.
    • We take responsibility for promoting a community of belonging, recognizing unique differences as strengths of the community.
    • We promote understanding of others and self.
    • We connect students with broader community resources.
  • Growth:
    • We take responsibility for our own growth and support the growth of colleagues.
    • We promote and guide holistic learning.
    • We adapt to changing environments.
    • We view failures as opportunities to learn.
    • We strive for continuous improvement in our programs and services.
  • Integrity:
    • We represent the University accurately and honestly.
    • We adhere to policy and strive to apply it equitably.
    • We accept responsibility for mistakes and work diligently to learn and improve.
    • We follow through on our commitments to the best of our ability.
  • Service:
    • We are actively engaged with our internal and external communities.
    • We listen empathetically and respond with positivity to requests for service.
    • We are accountable to each other and our students.
    • We balance our commitments with our capacity and communicate honestly about deliverables.
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