Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do I find out if I am in the learning community? Engineering students will be notified on March 4, 2024. Health and Human Sciences students will be notified within 30 days of application.
  2. What do I do if my roommate is not eligible to live in my learning community? You must choose one of two options:
    1. Remain matched with your current roommate, but withdraw your application from the learning community. The two of you will participate in room selection March 11-15. 
    2. Drop your current roommate and remain in your learning community. You will be notified via email of your housing assignment. Roommate contact information will be listed on your housing portal so you can connect!
  3. If my roommate is eligible for the learning community, but doesn’t want to apply, can they still be my roommate? No. You will have to choose one of the two options listed above. 

    Learning Community Roommate Matching
  4. Do I still need to go through room self-selection? No. Learning community housing assignments are made prior to the room selection processes. You will not need to participate in self-selection because you will already have a housing assignment. 
  5. What if I'm no longer interested in the learning community? If you have applied, email Residence Life and let us know. 
  6. What halls are the learning communities located in? 
    • Engineering Leadership Learning Community is located in Sevrinson Hall
    • Health and Human Sciences Learning Community is located in Thompson Hall
  7. What courses are required for the learning communities?
    • Engineering Leadership Learning Community 
      • Fall semester ENGR 191 (seminar course, 1 credit) - expectation of all learning community students to participate. 
      • Engineering courses during the first year prioritize math. Students are expected to take a math course equivalent to their program needs and math placement test achievements.  
  8. The link doesn't open for me. How else can I get to the learning community application? There are a couple different items to try:
    1. Go to your browser settings and clearing the cache and cookies. 
    2. Open a different browser. For example, if you are using Chrome, try Firefox.
    3. If using a mobile devise, try a computer   
    4. Contact Residence Life at (701) 231-7557
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