Health and Human Sciences Learning Community

The Health and Human Sciences Learning Community is a group of first-year students striving for careers that focus on overall wellbeing for the people they serve. Located in Thompson Hall, this co-ed community is located near academic buildings which provide quick access to academic spaces, classes, advisors, and activities. Students in this learning community network and build connections with upper division-students, advisors, and faculty.   

What to Expect:

  • Ability to develop close-knit relationships and friend groups
  • Develop a network of peers across interconnected careers 
  • Coordinate study groups with neighbors in the same classes
  • Connect and network with college faculty and staff

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Student Quotes:

HaiVy C., Pharmacy
"Living in this community has truly helped my transition to NDSU. My roommate has become one of my best friends and it's so nice to have someone to talk to that has similar aspirations. Being here has helped reaffirm my place and choice here at NDSU."

Allison D., Radiologic Science
“Before moving to college, I was nervous that I was not going to make connections with others, but living in the learning community has helped me meet people who have the same academic and career goals as me.”

Erin D., Pharmacy
“This learning community helped me meet many of my closest college friends, but also provides an environment where everyone has high goals and want to succeed. The learning community is a great place to be productive and get work done.” 

Community Events:

Monthly events in the Health and Human Sciences Learning Community are designed to be a fun way for students to build their academic network. Social events provide time and space for relationships to be built to directly and indirectly support the academic goals of learning community students. The fields within Health and Human Sciences are interconnected and having a network across the various fields strengthens students' ability to be successful in their academic and professional careers. This networking begins for first-year students in the learning community during week one!   

Pumpkin Spice and Great Advice
Residents and their academic advisors enjoyed a night in with fall-season treats and one-on-one academic advising.

Bowling at Thundar's Den
Residents got to unwind and hang out at Thundar's Den during an event hosted by their learning community RA! Bowling was a great way to strike out worries from the semester (pun intended).

NDSU Thanksgiving Dinner
It's an NDSU tradition, that couldn't be missed! The learning community residents, ambassadors, and advisors all met for the annual NDSU Thanksgiving Meal at the dining center!

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