We leverage our Fargo-Moorhead location and status as a college within a land-grant university to educate, engage, and inspire.


As a community of scholars, educators, and business professionals, the College of Business supports NDSU’s mission as a student-focused, land-grant, research university by providing quality:

  • educational experiences through collaboration and community engagement,
  • research for the advancement of knowledge, and
  • collaborations to benefit business and the greater community. 

(Approved by College faculty and staff 10/28/2016)


The Strategic Plan, 2018-2023 defines the strategic priorities for the College of Business at North Dakota State University for the next five years. The plan serves as a guide for decisions and resource prioritization within the college, and it ensures continuous improvement for the students we serve, the impactful research we produce, and the larger community we engage. The strategic planning process is described in the document and was based, in part, on the following SWOT Analysis. Our plan contains goals, tasks, and metrics, and progress updates on the plan will be provided annually.

(SWOT analysis was prepared by Jin Li, PhD and Rajani Ganesh Pillai, PhD. )


Thought Leadership Statement

North Dakota State University’s College of Business is a thought leader in the utilization of business knowledge to promote societal, organizational, and individual well-being. Specifically, we focus on the ways in which innovation, entrepreneurship, institutions, and trade can contribute to human flourishing. Our diverse faculty and staff drive thought leadership through scholarly research, dissemination of research findings to the broader community, and teaching and extracurricular activities that advance our understanding of how people create, prosper, and thrive. We foster our primary area of thought leadership through centers of excellence, interdisciplinary institutes, designated department funds, and permanent faculty hires.

(Approved by College faculty and staff on 11/12/2021)


Strategic Values

As a College, we are guided by six strategic values:

  • Teaching Excellence
  • Innovative Framework
  • Impactful Research
  • Collegial Engagement
  • Diversity, Inclusivity, and Tolerance
  • Intellectual Integrity and Transparency

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