Strategic Plan Goals

The College of Business is committed to excellence in teaching; innovation; research; collegial engagement; diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance; and intellectual integrity and transparency. We have established the following goals to help guide us in our pursuit of excellence within each of these areas.




Teaching Excellence

As a College, we provide transformational educational experiences to students from diverse backgrounds through high-quality education delivered by engaged, scholarly academics.

  • Strengthen rigor of student and faculty-peer teaching evaluation process, with every faculty member receives peer review of teaching at least every two years.
  • Ensure that faculty in each discipline review all syllabi in that discipline at least once very two years for currency.
  • Sustain support for Eisele Teaching Fellows to celebrate and incentivize outstanding teaching
  • Strategically deploy non-tenure track instructors (i.e. professors of practice, lecturers, adjuncts, and graduate teaching assistants) to provide a practitioner perspective in the classroom, broader course offerings, and improved class accessibility.Support students beyond the classroom through strategic use of new staff to provide improved career support and reduce advising caseloads by 10% or more, in order to be more consistent with the national average.



Innovative Framework

As a College, we understand that innovation is at the core of our growth and forward momentum. We aim to deepen our connections and expand our reach through thoughtful, innovative, and strategic initiatives.

  • Develop a thought leadership statement that defines the College as a thought leader across higher education in a commonly agreed upon area of focus, and quantify outputs in areas of thought leadership (e.g. publications, conference presentations, events, courses, and community outreach).
  • Recruit Ozbun Chair into vacant position and work closely with Chair to asses the number of students interfacing with various entrepreneurship initiatives within the College and across NDSU.
  • Expand online undergraduate progrms and enrollments.
  • Further streamline MBA student experience by offering summer courses and allowing for 12-month completion experience for students.
  • Expand access to the MBA (e.g. remote options and 4+1 options).







Impactful Research

As a College, we promote high-quality research output and support faculty research benchmarks through clear expectations and measures of accountability.

  • Increase "B or better" journal outputs so that 75% or more of College faculty with research responsibilities have two "Bs" or better in a five-year cycle.
  • Increase output per faculty member so that 75% of faculty with research responsibiltiies have at least three outputs in a five-year cycle.
  • Increase impact of scholarly research by measuring current citations by faculty and establishing a goal of 75% of faculty with research responsibiltiies having 100 or more Google scholar citations in the last five years.



Collegial Engagement

As a College, we believe in the power of relationships and work to establish and maintain meaningful connections with our alumni, friends, donors, and outside scholars in order to enrich our students’ experiences and strengthen their networks within and beyond the College.

  • Sustain major guest speakers via Menard Family Distinguished Speaker Series and Wold Ethics program.
  • Secure professional business mentors for all students wishing to participate in the Business Connections mentorship program.
  • Increase total number of alumni who give to the College year over year.
  • Exceed 10-year average of philanthropic support to the College each year.



Diversity, Inclusivity, Tolerance

As a College, we welcome diverse people and points of view. We seek to promote equity and inclusion in all that we do and believe that diverse and tolerant communities are better for all stakeholders.

  • Measure baseline completion rates for underrepresented student groups and develop strategies and programs to improve completion rates and ensure student success.
  • Measure baseline enrollment rates for female business students and develop strategies and programs to bring enrollments up to University average for CoB programs.
  • Raise awareness and support for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across the College through workshops, events, and visiting scholars.
  • Develope a DEI Statement that highlights the work our College already does in this important space and communicates our work to the community.



Intellectual Integrity + Transparency

As a College, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in our teaching, research, and other scholarly activities. We are committed to maintaining these standards through open, honest, and consistent communication with all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Develop a predatory journal policy to ensure all CoB peer-reviewed journal outputs are above a minimal bar of quality.
  • Work closely with advisory boards to maintain currency of curriculum, soundness of operations, and engagement with students.
  • Hold annual College meeting and additional open forums related to budget and the affairs of the College.


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