Research Overview

Dr. Hsu's research interests include entrepreneurial well-being, serial entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship experiments.


Dr. Hsu's research has been published in Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Organizational Research Methods, Journal of Business Research, International Small Business Journal, and Applied Psychology, amonth others. He was awarded Best Reviewer of 2018 by Journal of Business Venturing and serves on Internal Review Board for Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference for 2019–2020.

Select Publications

Hsu, D.K., Burmeister-Lamp, K., Simmons, S.A., Foo, M.D., Hong, M.C., & Pipes, J.D. (2019). ‘I know I can, but I don’t fit’: Perceived fit, self-efficacy, and entrepreneurial intention. Journal of Business Venturing, 34(2): 311-326.

Hsu, D.K., Shinnar, R.S., & Anderson, S.E. (2019). ‘I wish I had a regular job’: An exploratory study of entrepreneurial regret. Journal of Business Research, 96: 217-227.

Featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, “Do you have entrepreneurial regret?”

Hsu, D.K., Simmons, S.A., & Wieland, A. (2017). Designing entrepreneurship experiments: A review, typology, and research agenda. Organizational Research Methods, 20(3): 379-412.

Hsu, D.K., Wiklund, J., & Cotton, R.D. (2017). Success, failure, and entrepreneurial reentry: An experimental assessment of the veracity of self-efficacy and prospect theory. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 41(1): 19-47.

Hsu, D.K., Wiklund, J., Anderson, S.E., & Coffey, B.S. (2016). Entrepreneurial exit intentions and the business-family interface. Journal of Business Venturing, 31(6): 613-627.

Dan Hsu

Associate Professor of Management
Richard H. Barry Hall, 352
(701) 231-5367


  • PhD, Business Administration • Syracuse University
  • MS, Information Technology • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • MS, Physics • Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
  • BS, Physics • Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan


  • Entrepreneurship

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