Dr. Zoltan P. Majdik

Professor & Co-Director, Center for the Study of Digital Society

Email Dr. Majdik
Office: Minard 338-C2
Phone: (701) 231-8038

Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2008
M.A., University of Southern California, 2006
B.A., University of Southern California, 2003

Research Overview: My research takes place in the field of rhetoric, with a focus on computational approaches to rhetorical texts. I'm interested in how complex matters --- like climate change, medical information, or medical misinformation --- get communicated in and across large textual corpora. Methodologically, my research uses computational approaches to textual analysis, frequently by building or custom-tuning language models and other deep learning/neural network-enabled text processing infrastructures. More information can be found on ResearchGate, the digital trace data Lab, or my CV.

2024 Teaching

  • COMM 110: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • COMM 711: Communication Theory
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