Frequently Asked Questions

I've been offered an internship, but they don't have an internship "program." Can I still get credits for it?

Yes. Internships can be arranged in a variety of ways; your experience doesn't have to come from a publicly advertised position, an established internship program, or a competitive application process. Many of the best internships are custom-created experiences that you and the employer design around your interests.

How do internship credits work with tuition, full-time status, and the enrollment cap?

Internship credits work just like credits for a didactic classroom course for purposes of the enrollment cap and tuition billing. They accrue toward your total credit count and the 37 upper-level credits required for a bachelor's degree.

If my major only requires 3 credits of internship, why would I enroll for more?

Taking more than the minimum 3 credits for an internship (as long as you put in the hours) can be an efficient way to close the "credit gap" between your required courses and the minimum number of credits needed for a degree. Also, if you do a second or third (or fourth or fifth) internship, you might encounter an employer who requires that you be enrolled for internship credits. (For various legal reasons, many internship providers do this.)

My internship doesn't start and end in the same semester. Can I still get credits for it?

Yes. Internship credits accrue in the academic term in which you complete the internship. This allows you to earn credits for internships that start and end in different terms.

Is this the same as doing an internship through the Career Center?

COMM 496 credits are separate from the Career Center's co-op credits. Those credits do not replace COMM 496 credits, and you may not earn both kinds of credits for the same internship.

I did an internship a while ago. Can I still get credits for it?

No. Internships cannot receive credit retroactively; you wouldn't expect credit for a classroom course if you just read the textbook without being enrolled. If you have started the internship and still are working on it, credits remain a possibility. 

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