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2015 College of Science and Mathematics Awards

Excellence in Service Award
Kenneth Magel, professor, was awarded the Excellence in Service Award. The service award is not given annually; rather, awarded only when there is evidence of exceptional service to the department, the College of Science and Mathematics, and/or North Dakota State University.  Nominations can be made for faculty or non-faculty who meet the criteria.  The award includes $1000 for the individual as a personal gift. 

The recipients of College of Science and Mathematics awards are determined by the College Nominations and Awards Committee and approved by the Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics.

Excellence in Teaching Award
Gursimran Walia, associate professor, was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award.

The criteria used to determine the nomination are:

  • Outstanding performance in the classroom at the undergraduate or graduate level as indicated by knowledge, organization and presentation of the subject matter in an interesting and stimulating fashion, with continued impact or influence on the students.  This needs to be documented by student and peer evaluations.

  • Significant contribution to his/her discipline as evidenced by publication or other written works relating to the educational process and/or recognition by educational groups in the state(s) and/or community.

  • Important contributions to the fulfillment of the mission or further development of the person's department, the College of Science and Mathematics or North Dakota State University.

The College Nomination and Awards Committee select the recipients of these awards.  The committee consists of Alan Denton, Physics, Marinus Otte, Biological Sciences, William Perrizo, Computer Science, Michael Robinson, Psychology, and Wenfang Sun, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Yan and Salem on Faculty Committees
Changhui Yan, associate professor, is on the 2015-16 College Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation Committee.

The PTE committee reviews, evaluates, and votes on each candidate's application for promotion and/or tenure.  The Committee prepares an evaluation of the application, including recommendations and an explanation of the basis for them, which is included in the candidate's application.

Saeed Salem, associate professor, was elected to the Faculty Senate Committee for 2015-16. The Faculty Senate is the University's legislative body responsible for the review and approval of policies regarding academics, admissions, research, degrees and anything else that pertains to the faculty.

Congratulations to the following professors who have obtained tenure:

  • Wei Jin
  • Simone Ludwig
  • Saeed Salem
  • Gursimran Walia

Congratulations to the following professors who were promoted to Associate Professor:

  • Wei Jin
  • Saeed Salem
  • Gursimran Walia

NDSU ACM takes first place at HackISU

October 2015
The NDSU ACM piloted a trip to HackISU, at Iowa State University, to determine if it’s a candidate for future travel competitions.

The event was a 36 hour hackathon (an event where people who are excited about programming come together and collaborate to build cool things.) which required that participants come up with an idea for a hardware or software hack, develop that idea and build it within 36 hours. After which point, the products were judges by several business.
Jordan Goetze and Kyle Ryan took first place with a project that performed live sentiment analysis on twitter messages and plotted them in one minute slices of time, on a map of North America to allow live sentiment tracking of topics by region. The competition was deemed good and ACM will be bringing more people to future hackathons. The next is in March 2016.

CSM Honors Day

April 17, 2015
The CSM Honors Day event was held Friday, April 17th. The students pictured are Angela Alean (Nygard Scholarship) and Nicholas Meske (Microsoft Scholarship). We had 5 students receive the Microsoft Scholarship this academic year (2014-2015):

Alex Job
Madeline Gordon
Mi Huynh
Samuel Mayer
Nicholas Meske

The Microsoft Undergraduate Scholars  are students majoring in computer science, who have completed 36 credit hours of work at NDSU and have a minimum GPA 3.5.

The Nygard Scholarship is awarded to students majoring in computer science. Students must be an undergraduate that has completed at least four computer science courses that count toward a computer science major.

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