Adnan Akyüz

Professor in AES
climatology; atmosphere; atmospheric physics 

Laura Aldrich-Wolfe

Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences
restoration ecology; conservation biology; fungal community ecology 

Allan Ashworth

Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Geosciences
paleoecology; paleoclimatology 

Frank Casey

Professor and Director of School of Natural Resource Sciences
soil science; soil physics; hydrology; vadose zone; environmental science

Amitava Chatterjee

Associate Professor in Soil Science
Soil carbon; fertility; sugarbeet; corn; greenhouse gas emissions

Larry Cihacek

Professor in Soil Science
soil fertility; plant nutrition; sustainable agriculture; soil and water conservation 

Aaron Daigh

Associate Professor in Soil Science
soil physics; vadose zone hydrology; remediation; reclamation; agronomy 

Stephanie Day

Associate Professor and Chair of Geosciences
human-environment interactions; fluvial geomorphology; remote sensing 

Xinhua Jia

Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
irrigation and drainage; evapotranspiration; hydrology; water quality 

Benjamin Laabs

Associate Professor in Geosciences
quaternary geology; glacial geology; cosmogenic nuclides; paleoclimate; surface processes 

Trung Bao Le

Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering
hydraulics; fluid mechanics; numerical methods for fluid-structure interaction 

Kenneth Lepper

Professor in Geosciences
OSL geochronology; quaternary geology; glacial geomorphology; Glacial Lake Agassiz; modern Great Lakes 

Zhulu Lin

Associate Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
soil and water resources management; environmental modeling 

John McEvoy

Professor and Department Head of Microbiological Sciences
parasitology; environmental microbiology

Peter Oduor

Professor in Geosciences
spatial analysis; environmental management; satellite image analysis; geoinformation

Marinus Otte

Professor in Biological Sciences
botany; ecosystem ecology; biogeochemistry; environmental engineering 

Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat

Professor in Geosciences
geochemistry; mineralogy; petrology; ore deposits; environmental geology

Jon Sweetman

Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences
aquatic ecology; climate change; paleolimnology; water resources 

Lydia Tackett

Associate Professor in Geosciences
paleoecology; sedimentology; taphonomy; stratigraphy; climate reconstruction 

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