Adnan Akyüz

Professor in AES
climatology; atmosphere; atmospheric physics 

Laura Aldrich-Wolfe

Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences
restoration ecology; conservation biology; fungal community ecology 

Marisol Berti

Professor in AES Plant Sciences
forages; cover crops; soil health; cropping systems; soil and water conservation

Achintya Bezbaruah

Associate Professor in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering; Director of NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program
nanomaterials; environmental remediation; wastewater treatment; contaminant fate and transport 

Julia Bowsher

Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
evolution; developmental physiology; insects 

Igathinathane Cannayen

Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
biomass preprocessing; agricultural engineering 

Paulo Flores

Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
precision agriculture; unmanned aerial systems; imagery analysis 

Kendra Greenlee

Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences
insect physiology; respiratory physiology; comparative immunology 

Ademola (Demmy) Hammed

Research Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
biotechnology engineering; agricultural bioproducts 

Jason Harmon

Associate Professor in Entomology
environmental change; ecological interactions; biological control; entomology 

Harlene Hatterman-Valenti

Professor and Assistant Department Head in Plant Sciences
horticulture; high-value crops; vegetables; fruits

Xinhua Jia

Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering; Director of ND Water Resources Research Institute
irrigation and drainage; evapotranspiration; hydrology; water quality 

Page Klug

Affiliate Graduate Faculty in Biological Sciences; Research Wildlife Biologist and Project Leader - USDA
human-wildlife interactions; ecology; birds; snakes 

Zhulu Lin

Zhulu Lin

Associate Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
soil and water resources management; environmental modeling 

Lindsay Malone

Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resource Sciences
climate-smart agriculture, cover crops, soil health, carbon, agronomy

Ewumbua Monono

Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Process optimization; scale-up; post-harvest management; value-addition of ag commodities

Jack Norland

Jack Norland 

Associate Professor in Natural Resources Management
restoration ecology; grassland; pasture management; remote sensing; urban ecosystems 

Kalidas Shetty

Professor in Plant Sciences; Associate Vice President for International Partnerships and Collaborations
plant science; agriculture; food science; human nutrition; public health 

Dean Steele

Associate Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
irrigation and environmental engineering; computer aided analysis and design

Jiale Xu 

Assistant Professor in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Water treatment and reuse, water quality in agriculture, produced water treatment, photocatalytic processes, PFAS control

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