Achintya Bezbaruah

Associate Professor in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering; Director of NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program
nanomaterials; environmental remediation; wastewater treatment; contaminant fate and transport 

Xuefeng (Michael) Chu

Professor and Interim Department Chair in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
hydrology; water resources; environmental engineering 

Larry Cihacek

Professor in Soil Science
soil fertility; plant nutrition; sustainable agriculture; soil and water conservation 

Surya S. C. Congress

Assistant Professor in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
drones, infrastructure, transportation, soil, machine learning

Xinhua Jia

Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering; Director of ND Water Resources Research Institute
irrigation and drainage; evapotranspiration; hydrology; water quality 

Benjamin Laabs

Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
quaternary geology; glacial geology; cosmogenic nuclides; paleoclimate; surface processes 

Zhulu Lin

Zhulu Lin

Associate Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
soil and water resources management; environmental modeling 

John McEvoy

John McEvoy

Professor and Department Head of Microbiological Sciences
parasitology; environmental microbiology

Jack Norland

Jack Norland 

Associate Professor in Natural Resources Management
restoration ecology; grassland; pasture management; remote sensing; urban ecosystems 

Marinus Otte

Marinus Otte

Professor in Biological Sciences
botany; ecosystem ecology; biogeochemistry; environmental engineering 

Birgit Pruess

Birgit Pruess

Professor in Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences
microbial physiology; gene regulation 

Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat

Professor in Chemistry & Biochemistry
geochemistry; mineralogy; petrology; ore deposits; environmental geology

Craig Stockwell

Professor in Biological Sciences
Conservation Biology; Invasive Species; Contemporary Evolution; Restoration/Translocation Ecology 

Jiale Xu 

Assistant Professor in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Water treatment and reuse, water quality in agriculture, produced water treatment, photocatalytic processes, PFAS control

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