Bakr Aly Ahmed

Associate Professor in Architecture & Landscape Architecture
built environment; sustainable architecture; construction technology; urban sustainability

Adnan Akyüz

Professor in AES
climatology; atmosphere; atmospheric physics 

Laura Aldrich-Wolfe

Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences
restoration ecology; conservation biology; fungal community ecology 

Julia Bowsher

Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
evolution; developmental physiology; insects 

Amitava Chatterjee

Associate Professor in Soil Science
Soil carbon; fertility; sugarbeet; corn; greenhouse gas emissions

Anne Denton

Professor in Computer Science and Operations Research
data mining; bioinformatics; scientific informatics; databases; geospatial data; cloud computing 

Ned A Dochtermann

Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
evolutionary ecology; behavioral syndromes; quantitative genetics 

Kendra Greenlee

Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences
insect physiology; respiratory physiology; comparative immunology 

Tim Greives

Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
physiological ecology; seasonality; biological rhythms 

Jason Harmon

Associate Professor in Entomology
environmental change; ecological interactions; biological control; entomology 

Britt Heidinger

Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
physiological ecology; behavioral ecology; life-history evolution; senescence; stress response 

Xinhua Jia

Professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering; Director of ND Water Resources Research Institute
irrigation and drainage; evapotranspiration; hydrology; water quality 

Benjamin Laabs

Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
quaternary geology; glacial geology; cosmogenic nuclides; paleoclimate; surface processes 

Lindsay Malone

Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resource Sciences
climate-smart agriculture, cover crops, soil health, carbon, agronomy

Travis Seaborn

Assistant Professor in Applied Ecology
fish and wildlife conservation; landscape genomics; spatial ecology

Matthew Smith

Associate Professor of Practice in Biological Sciences
morphology; physiological ecology 

Craig Stockwell

Professor in Biological Sciences; ECS Director
Conservation Biology; Invasive Species; Contemporary Evolution; Restoration/Translocation Ecology 

Steven Travers

Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
botany; evolutionary ecology; climate change; phenology 

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