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Fusarium Head Blight and Metabolomics

Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) also named "scab" has been a persistent problem in small grains for many years with worldwide outbreaks. In North America, notorious epidemics during the 1990s have made devastating economical effects. Although the pathology of the disease is not completely understood at the molecular level, recent advancement in technology has brought up the study of the metabolome that covers the network of biochemical interactions, including those of host-pathogen nature. In this work, three North Dakota released wheat varieties and two Near Isogenic lines were infected with Fusarium graminearum. Infected florets were collected cryogenically in a time course fashion making composite samples. The tissue will be analyzed using an LC QTOF/MS to sort and identify the compounds in wheat responsible for scab resistance. Further analysis of the data will cover the metabolite interactions of the inflection process resulting in information that has not been reported before. Additional benefits could be the use of unique metabolites as biomarkers for scab screening in breeding.


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