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A Kernel of Wheat

Simplified Milling Process Diagram

ND HRS Variety Selection Guide - Provides information about hard red spring wheat varieties available, their agronomic traits, disease resistance and quality characteristics.

Annual Survey of Varieties Planted in North Dakota - Overviews the leading varieties planted in North Dakota for hard red spring, durum and hard red winter wheat each year.

ND Historical Wheat Production

ND Historical HRS Wheat Production

ND Wheat Statistics

U.S. Hard Red Spring Wheat Production

Conversion Tables - Weights & Measures

Wheat is marketed by the bushel in the U.S., but in nearly all other countries the metric system is used. The following are useful conversions:

  • 36.74 bushels = 1 metric ton
  • 1 pound = 0.4536 kilogram
  • 2204.6 pounds = 1 metric ton
  • 2.47 acres = 1 hectare
  • 1 bushel per acre = .06725 metric tons per acre
  • 14.87 bushels per acre = 1 metric ton per hectare
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