FORWARD Advocates and Allies


FORWARD Advocates are faculty men who have a proven record of supporting faculty women in their department, colleges, and the university. Advocates are expected to be active and effective proponents of gender diversity and equality specifically in terms of increasing the number of female faculty, encouraging the hiring and promotion of female faculty in administrative positions, and ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of women within their NDSU units.

Advocates will be selected for one-year, renewable terms; modest compensation is provided.

Allies and Advocates Program Call for Advocate Applications 2013-2014

(applications due April 11, 2014)
Application cover page in Microsoft Word


FORWARD Allies are faculty men willing to identify themselves as allies of faculty women. The committee seeks representation from every academic unit at NDSU. Although membership is open to all faculty members, we particularly seek the participation of nontenured faculty members who will be tenured in the next five years in order to develop a pool of Allies from which future Advocate (see above) can be selected. To become a FORWARD Ally, a male faculty member needs to participate in a FORWARD Ally training session and complete the Ally Agreement below.

Ally and Advocate Events
Advocates and Allies Skill Development WorkshopRoger Green & Rob Gordon4/6/16Evaluation
Ally TrainingRoger Green, Rob Gordon and Alan Denton2/2/16Evaluation
Ally TrainingRoger Green, Rob Gordon, and Dilpreet Bajwa9/22/15Evaluation
Advocates and Allies Skill Development WorkshopTom Stone Carlson, Roger Green, & Rob Gordon4/23/15Evaluation
Ally TrainingTom Carlson & Warren Christensen3/11/15Evaluation
Ally TrainingRoger Green & Rob Gordon1/27/15Evaluation
Ally TrainingTom Carlson10/21/14Evaluation
Ally TrainingWarren Christensen & Scott Pryor10/3/14Evaluation
University of Maine Advocate TrainingRob Gordon, Roger Green, Tom Carlson10/2/14
University of Maine Ally TrainingRob Gordon, Roger Green, Tom Carlson10/2/14Evaluation
West Virginia University Advocate TrainingRoger Green and Tom Carlson9/10/14
Ally Training at University of MaineTom Carlson, Roger Green, and Warren Christensen3/20/14Evaluation
Ally Training at University of Maine for AdministratorsTom Carlson, Roger Green, and Warren Christensen3/20/14Evaluation
Ally TrainingRoger Green and Scott Pryor2/26/14Evaluation
FORWARD Ally TrainingRoger Green and Robert Gordon1/28/14Evaluation
Ally Training for Deans and Vice PresidentsTom Carlson, Rob Gordon, and Roger Green10/24/13Evaluation
Ally Training at Lehigh UniversityTom Carlson, Rob Gordon, and Roger Green10/3/13Evaluation
Ally TrainingRob Gordon, Roger Green10/1/13Evaluation
Ally TrainingScott Pryor and Warren Christensen9/11/13Evaluation
Ally Training at West Virginia UniversityRobert Gordon, Roger Green, and Tom Carlson8/13/13Evaluation
Ally TrainingRobert Gordon and Scott Pryor3/20/13Evaluation
Ally Training: College of Science & MathRobert Gordon and Scott Pryor3/4/13Evaluation
Ally Training: College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences and Human Development & EducationRobert Gordon and Chad Ulven2/5/13Evaluation
Ally Training11/16/12Evaluation
Ally Training at Louisiana TechChad Ulven and Tom Carlson10/11/12Evaluation
Ally Training9/27/12Evaluation
Ally Training: College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources4/13/12Evaluation
Ally Training2/9/12Evaluation
Ally Training: College of Engineering & Architecture11/9/11Evaluation
Ally Training10/11/11Evaluation
Ally Training4/12/11Evaluation
Ally Training2/2/11Evaluation
Ally Training: College of Science and Mathematics11/30/10Evaluation
Ally Training: Department Head and Chairs10/13/10Evaluation
Advocates WorkshopJoAnn Moody9/21/10Evaluation
Why Men should be
Allies for Gender Equity
Mark Chesler11/20/09Evaluation
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