Theses, Dissertations and Papers
How do I format my document?

Guidelines for formatting your document are available on the Formatting Guidelines page.

Do other documents need to be submitted with my thesis/dissertation/paper?

Information regarding the thesis, dissertation and paper submission process may be found on the Preparing for Graduation page.

Should I register a copyright for my thesis/dissertation?

Students have the option of having ProQuest register the copyright on your behalf. There is a $65 fee associated with this process.

Degree Posting
When can I participate in commencement? 

Graduate School policy states that students who have passed their final defense by 5 p.m. the previous Friday before the ceremony may participate in commencement. If the program does not require a disquisition, students in their final semester of coursework may participate in commencement.

You may participate in commencement beginning the semester you defend (if by the deadline), up through the semester in which you complete your degree requirements.

When will my degree post?

Degrees post at the end of the semester in which you have completed all degree requirements. NDSU posts degrees in August, December and May.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed 4-6 weeks following the close of the academic session in which graduation requirements have been completed. Your diploma will be mailed to your home address listed in Campus Connection.

Where do I go to change my address?

Addresses may be updated by the student in Campus Connection.

How do I change my name in Campus Connection?

Name changes must be done through Registration and Records or Bison Connection with the Request for Name Change form.