Below please find answers to some common questions about submitting documents required to complete your admission file.

Submitting your Documents

I see outstanding items in my portal. How can I submit them to you?

Once your application is submitted and you view your checklist, you can no longer upload any documents to your application and they must be submitted directly to our office. Please follow the directions below if you have questions on how to submit documents.

Please note it may take up to a week to check these items off once received.

If documents must be mailed to us, you should use the following address:

Office of International Student and Study Abroad Services 
North Dakota State University 
1401 Administration Ave, Memorial Union 116
Fargo, ND  58102  U.S.A.  

Passport or Financial Documents

Use this secure file transfer link to submit these documents to our office. 


Secondary/High School:  If you are a first-year applicant, you must have your official secondary marks/transcript mailed to us in a sealed envelope from your school(s).  If your secondary schools cannot mail the original, they may mail a stamped copy of the original in a sealed envelope.

Post-Secondary/University level (foreign institutions located outside the United States): For transfer applicants with foreign coursework or credentials, you must obtain an external credential evaluation from a provider such as ECE or WES. More information on this process can be found here.

U.S. Post-Secondary University level:  These transcripts can be mailed to us; however the easiest and quickest way is to send the transcript electronically through a delivery service such as Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse (send to "Int'l Undergrad Admissions"), or Credentials eScrip-Safe.

Test Scores (English Proficiency)

If you are from one of the exempt countries, this item will be waived. For all others, please follow these instructions for sending your test scores to NDSU. 

Minimum scores needed for admission and the list of exempt countries can be found here

Test NameNotes
IELTSBefore you take the exam, you can request that your IELTS result be sent directly to us here at North Dakota State University. You can also send us a copy of your test score report and we can look up your result on the IELTS site using your TRF number from your report, and that will be considered an official verification. 
ACTCode 3202
SATCode 6474


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