Insurance Enrollment for International Students

Overview of Process

Once a year, international students who are enrolled at NDSU must "opt-in" to their insurance coverage, in the Fall semester. This usually happens in the month of August when our office sends a list of names to "ECI Services," the company who works with UHCSR to enroll students in the insurance plan.

And then, between Fall and Spring semesters, current international students who are active in the UHCSR policy will have their coverage automatically rolled over to the next year. If you graduate and are no longer enrolled at NDSU, please contact us

Your coverage is not considered active until you "opt-in." "Opt-ing in" will save you time. Please watch for the email from ECI Services (sent from and opt-in when asked. For students who do not opt-in by the deadline, our office will push your insurance to UHCSR directly but it will be a month late.

When will this "opt-in" email from ECI Services arrive?
  • New (or current) students for Fall: August
  • New students for Spring: December or January
  • New students for Summer: You might not receive a special email because we automatically activate the coverage of any new Summer students. You should instead watch for an email from the insurance company itself - UHCSR.

See below for an example email from ECI Services.

Keep Your Policy Active

To get enrolled in the insurance policy, it's important that you do three things each semester:

  1. Respond to any emails you receive from "ECI Services" or UHCSR, or the ISSAS office, about your coverage; and
  2. Register for the new semester; and
  3. Pay the charge on your account, in full.

My insurance isn't active yet. Why?

The ISSAS office collects names from a few different sources, in order to compile the list of students to send to UHCSR. It is a manual process. This may come from the arrival survey, or enrollment lists, or from a list of who has been charged insurance, or even from NDSU Student Health when they report to us who has attended an immunization screening. As students arrive and enroll for a new term, we build this list.

When a student says their insurance isn't active, that means the ISSAS office may not have your name on our insurance 'list.' But please note, there is no reason to worry.

Here are some typical scenarios of when a student's insurance isn't active yet (or if UHCSR says they have no record of your name):
  1. Did you forget to click "opt-in" in the email from "ECI Services?"
    • If you did not 'opt-in,' your automatic enrollment in the policy will be delayed until about a month after the semester starts.
    • It is in your best interest to 'opt-in' as soon as you can.
    • ECI Services does send reminder emails too. More information on the enrollment process is found here.
  2. Are you a new student who forgot to report your arrival?
    • This is completed through an arrival survey - this survey link is always posted on our orientation website before arrival.
  3. You are not yet registered for classes
    • If you aren't enrolled at NDSU yet, you are likely not on our list.
  4. Did you not yet pay your insurance?
    • If you pay your insurance, this is one way of our office ensuring that you are here, and that you need coverage.
    • Also remember that insurance is not charged on your account until you enroll.
  5. It is too early.
    • It might simply be too early for coverage to show for the next term. For example, in July, that is too early to see coverage for Fall. 
  6. Did you graduate within the last 6 months?
    • If you graduated, you likely were removed from our list and your coverage may have ended. 
  7. Other issues
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