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As an international student with the required UHCSR insurance policy, this page will walk you through what you should do if you are sick or in need of regular medical services.

Where should I go first?

Visit the Student Health Service (SHS), NDSU's on-campus clinic. During SHS business hours, international students with NDSU's UHCSR plan must first seek care at the NDSU Clinic.

How do I know if the NDSU Clinic is open?

Student Health Services is located in the Wallman Wellness Center on the West edge of campus. Contact information and hours can be found here:

How does NDSU bill my insurance?

Please note the Student Health Service (SHS) benefit provides coverage at 100% for covered benefits (except Prescriptions which are subject to copays of $15/Tier 1, $50/Tier 2 and $75/Tier 3) when treatment is done at the NDSU Student Health Service, so it is usually much cheaper to get treatment on campus. 

The NDSU Clinic does bill insurance. This means that NDSU Student Health Service will submit the claim to insurance for you. Any patient responsibility charges (including co-pays or non-covered services) are posted to the student’s account. It is the responsibility of the student to pay these charges. Click here to visit the NDSU Student Health Service website to find out more about how services are billed to your student account in CampusConnection.  The NDSU Pharmacy also currently bills insurance for prescription claims.

I need to fill a prescription medication. Where can I go?

NDSU has a pharmacy located conveniently on campus. Please click here to find out more about using the NDSU Pharmacy and what services are provided. Please note the UHCSR policy *is* accepted at the NDSU Pharmacy.

You are not required to use the NDSU Pharmacy and can use other in-network pharmacies. Search for local in-network pharmacies using this link: Pharmacy Locator.

If you have questions about how much you must pay for a prescription, consult UHCSR's current Rx List at


The NDSU Clinic is closed. What should I do?

It is important not to delay care, if you have become sick or injured on the weekend or other times when SHS is closed or if you have an emergency. Contact the NDSU Clinic for any follow-up care. If your claim is incorrectly denied by UnitedHealthcare due to this type of a situation, please contact UHCSR customer service immediately.

A referral is not necessary if the NDSU Clinic is closed

If you are sick and the NDSU SHS is closed and you require immediate medical care, please do not delay getting the help you need. A co-pay of $200 applies for Emergency Room visits but the $200 is waived if you are admitted to the hospital.

After-Hours and Emergency Care

Please visit the NDSU Student Health Service webpage (scroll to the After Hours and Emergency Care heading) to read information provided by NDSU Student Health Service regarding what to do, if you have an illness arise when Student Health Service is closed or when you have an emergency situation. Their page includes a list of off-campus providers that are available in Fargo-Moorhead for walk-in/urgent care and emergency services.

Always ensure you are visiting an In-Network provider

The most important thing is to make sure you are visiting an in-network provider for any after-hours or emergency care.

  • Search for a Provider: Click here
  • When searching, please choose "Medical Directory" or "Behavioral Health Directory" then
  • "Employer and Individual Plans" --> "Options PPO Network"
  • The search results will indicate if the doctor/facility is "In-Network"

Referrals for Visiting an Off-Campus Provider

If the NDSU Clinic determines that you must visit a provider off-campus, you must first receive a referral from NDSU’s SHS to allow you to receive those services off-campus. If the required referral is received, there is a $30 physician co-pay due at the time of service, and then eligible services are then covered at the 80% in-network rate.

What is a "Referral"?

A referral is a notification from the NDSU Clinic to UHCSR stating that NDSU will allow you to get services off campus. There are various reasons for a referral. Please check with NDSU SHS if you have questions about referrals. Students only need to seek a referral for a particular condition once per benefit period (each benefit period runs by policy year, August 16th through August 15th of the following year). When the next policy year begins and you still have the same medical condition, you will need to visit SHS again first and receive another referral.

I made the decision on my own to visit a doctor off-campus when the NDSU Clinic was open. Will my UHCSR insurance cover this?

Unfortunately, the answer is most likely no. If no referral is received, the benefit will not be paid to you by UnitedHealthcare. There are a few exceptions to the referral requirement (such as emergencies), and those will be noted below.

Are there any exceptions to this rule?

A referral from SHS is NOT necessary under the following conditions only, so please read carefully:

  1. Medical Emergency.  The student must return to SHC for necessary follow-up care.
  2. When the Student Health Center is closed.
  3. When service is rendered at another facility during break or vacation periods.
  4. Medical care received when the student is more than 50 miles from campus.
  5. Medical care obtained when student is no longer able to use the SHC due to a change in student status.
  6. Maternity, obstetrical and gynecological care.
  7. Mental Illness treatment and Substance Use Disorder treatment.

**Also please note that dependents do not need a referral. This is because dependents are usually not students and are thus not eligible to utilize the SHS services.

Example Scenarios

The NDSU Clinic is open and I am sick.

Contact SHS to schedule an appointment with a provider. 

The NDSU Clinic is closed and I am very sick. It cannot wait until they re-open.  -OR- I have an emergency and am going to the Emergency Room

Be aware of the local in-network clinics and hospitals. Choose an in-network provider and obtain services. Contact the NDSU Clinic immediately when they are open to let them know. You may be required to get your follow-up services on campus.


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