How do I contact UHCSR customer service?

Telephone: 877-433-6667

If you have contacted UHCSR customer service and your issue was not able to be resolved after their input, please pass the information onto your international student advisor if it was not resolved. Because your health information is considered private information, it is very difficult for UHCSR to correspond with anyone from the ISSAS office directly about your health insurance issues. Therefore, our first suggestion is always to have you contact UHCSR directly because they are able to freely discuss your situation with you, but they can only provide very limited information to us.

But if you have already tried this route and the issue was not solved, if you feel comfortable, please forward the email string onto your advisor - and if you called customer service, please email your advisor to explain the issue you were having and include the phone number you called from when you contacted UHCSR. With this information, at our discretion, we can possibly contact UHCSR if needed. An alternative number for contacting UHCSR customer service is 1-800-767-0700 but we prefer you use the 1-877 number listed above.

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