Adding Family Members

Questions about Enrolling Dependents?

Please see the following information to help you understand the process for enrolling your family members in your student insurance plan through UnitedHealthcare Student Resources.

If you have any questions about the process for adding a dependent or about the coverage for your dependent, please contact UHCSR customer service directly at 877-433-6667.

Costs for adding family members are found in the policy materials located at

J-1 students and their J-2 dependents
Important Notes

Because the policy through UnitedHealthcare is required as per NDSU's J-1 program designation and U.S. State Department guidelines for the entire period of you and your dependent(s)' stay in the United States, the timing of your dependent's travel to the U.S. is very important.  As you continue on throughout your studies here, coverage also must be reserved in advance by pre-registering any dependents each semester to avoid any gaps in coverage or immigration status issues arising from not maintaining insurance for your J-2 family member(s). 

Any J-1 student requesting to bring family members must complete a Dependent Request Form found on our Forms page. This form includes an attestation that you understand the health insurance requirements for all J-2 visa holders.

Also, the primary J-1 and all J-2 dependent members of the family must be on the same insurance policy (family insurance through the J-1 as the primary policy holder, through the same insurance plan through UHCSR). This is to ensure NDSU's compliance with the federal regulations of the U.S. Department of State under 22 CFR 62.14. 

F-2 dependents
Insurance recommended, but not required

Coverage is not required for F-2 dependents but it is highly recommended. If the F-2 is enrolled at NDSU in credits, coverage is required just as it is for F-1s. 

  1. If NDSU has not yet sent in your student enrollment but you know you want to purchase coverage for your spouse and child(ren),
    • Please complete a Dependent Coverage Request form at the following link: Dependent Coverage Page.  
    • Once your student enrollment is processed, you will receive an email with a payment link so you can pay the premium for your dependent(s).  You have 5 business days to complete the transaction.
    • The dependent’s effective date will be the date you requested the control number or the date the policy starts if the control number is requested prior to the effective date.
  2. If you are currently enrolled in the student insurance you can purchased dependent coverage through your My Account site after logging in at  Coverage purchased after the effective date of the policy will not be prorated and the effective date is the date that premium and application are received.
  3. If your dependents will be arriving in the US mid-semester and need to have insurance coverage, please contact UHCSR Customer Service to make arrangements prior to their arrival.
"Qualifying Life Events"

With a qualifying life event, UHCSR pro-rates amount down to a monthly rate until the next official enrollment period when the full amount for the next term would be due.

The following are considered "Qualifying Life Events" and coverage must be added within 31 days of these changes below:

  • Birth of a new baby
    • A newborn child is covered under the parent’s policy for the first 31 days after birth.
    • You must contact UHCSR Customer Service to add coverage for your child. The child’s own coverage would not be effective until 31 days after the birth.
  • Any dependent entering the U.S. for the first time - or- marriage to a new spouse:
    • Contact your international student advisor for a "Qualifying Life Event" form - this form has directions on how to enroll your family member(s). You must submit this form within 31 days of your family member entering the U.S. or within 31 days of your marriage.

Please email us at to request a Qualifying Life Event form from our office. An advisor will then be in contact with you with information about the form. J-1 students: You must submit this form at least 1 month prior to family members entering the U.S. because they must be insured from the date of arrival.


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