Oct. 6, 2023

‘Fargo offers so much potential for students to grow’


The Fargo-Moorhead area is home to a friendly, vibrant community of nearly 250,000 people. Its small-town feel combined with big-city culture offers exciting opportunities for students to stay engaged year-round.

Our inviting and active community provides a diverse range of seasonal activities, including bike trails, parks, golf courses, museums, concert venues and sporting events. Along with annual events and festivals, entrepreneurial opportunities and a dynamic arts scene, there is something for everyone.

Read below to learn from some of our students about how living in Fargo has enriched their college experience.

Photo of Abby Zimmerman

Abby Zimmerman

Hometown: Lino Lakes, Minnesota

Year: Undergraduate student, third year

Major: Finance

One of the reasons I chose NDSU was because I wanted to be at a school with a big sports team and reputable name, but still feel like I could ask for help if I needed to. What I love about Fargo is that everyone really does care about you here. You could literally walk up to a stranger and ask them for directions, and they would be more than happy to probably walk you there. You can't really say that in the big cities.  

In the summer and fall I love going to the Red River Market downtown and getting out and supporting local businesses. In the winter I like to go to coffee shops with my friends and explore different local restaurants. I love how much the town supports NDSU and how much NDSU cares. If you need something, it's here, but you don't feel like you're in a big city.

Photo of Anna Kessel

Anna Kessel 

Hometown: Dickinson, North Dakota

Year: Undergraduate student, third year

Major: Business management, minor in management communications 

Going to NDSU kind of feels like you’re in your own little world, but then when you come into Fargo, it really has a lot to offer. I think sometimes it's easy to forget that. I like getting out and doing things with friends because there's something for everyone.

During the warmer seasons I love running in Fargo. I've done the Fargo Marathon and I love the community that exists within it. I also really like the walking paths by the river. During the winter it’s been super fun to go ice skating at Broadway Square with friends. I like going to all the different coffee shops during any season. I love coffee.

Both of my older siblings and my parents went to NDSU and really loved it, so I decided to come here, too. I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but they have a lot of programs, so it was nice to feel open to anything. NDSU isn’t too big where you don't know everyone; you can meet a lot of people. The more things you're involved in, the more often you run into people you know, and it just makes college more fun.

Photo of Ashlyn Shauer

Ashlyn Shauer

Hometown: Jamestown, North Dakota

Year: Graduate student, first year

Major: Communication

I think the Fargo area offers so much potential for students to grow in an active and developing community. NDSU showed the most promising career opportunities for what I wanted to go into and was extremely affordable. It wasn’t too far away from my family, and I just felt like I had found a home away from home.

Fargo has the energy of a small-town, while still having all the opportunities of a larger city. I like any outdoor activity, so the Red River Valley Fair is huge in the summer, and I love the Red River Market. I’m big into hockey, so in the winter I love outdoor rinks, ice skating downtown and anything that gets me outside. I love to just walk downtown and check out all the different things to do.

What I like about Fargo the most is the community. The people and the support that come from NDSU and Fargo are there for you along the way. Our dedicated alumni are big supporters as well. There are a lot of people who think they’ll leave but end up staying because Fargo is such an amazing community.

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