May 1, 2024

NDSU assistant professor wins prestigious award

Eugene B. Caldona, assistant professor in the Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials at NDSU

Eugene B. Caldona

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance, the global authority in materials protection and performance, recently announced Eugene B. Caldona, assistant professor in the Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials at NDSU, as the distinguished recipient of the 2024 Dr. A. John Sedriks Seed Grant. 

Caldona's groundbreaking proposal, "Surface-Functionalized Ground Tire Rubber Additives for Isotropically Adhesive and Cohesive Dielectric Fluoropolymer Protective Coatings," embodies the innovative spirit and research excellence the grant seeks to support.

The Dr. A. John Sedriks Seed Grant, valued at $35,000, is designed to foster the development of cutting-edge research programs in materials protection and performance. Its focus encompasses a broad spectrum of critical areas, including corrosion, coatings, degradation and related fields, aiming to address some of the most pressing challenges in these domains.

Douglas C. Hansen, chair of AMPP’s Research Program Committee, expressed his enthusiasm about the award.

"Dr. Caldona's proposal demonstrates exceptional technical merit and a deep commitment to advancing our understanding of material performance,” Hansen said. “His work promises to make significant strides in protective coatings, a testament to the legacy of innovation and excellence Dr. Sedriks championed throughout his career."

Caldona, reflecting on his award, stated, "I am deeply honored to receive the 2024 Dr. A. John Sedriks Seed Grant. This grant not only recognizes our team's creativity and hard work but also affirms the potential of our research to make meaningful contributions to the field of corrosion and materials science. We are excited to embark on this project, aiming to develop sustainable solutions that can significantly impact the durability and performance of protective coatings."

Since its inaugural award in 1967-1969, the Legacy NACE Seed Grant has continued to honor the memory of Dr. A. John Sedriks, a pioneer in corrosion control through metallurgical modifications. His influential work, particularly at LaQue Corrosion Technologies and with the Office of Naval Research, has left an indelible mark on corrosion research and the broader field of materials science. The grant pays tribute to Sedriks' significant contributions and his pivotal role in starting the NACE Seed Grant Program, underlining the enduring legacy of his work in advancing research and innovation.

Hansen, a Distinguished Research Scientist at the University of Dayton Research Institute and joint faculty member in the School of Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, said, “The Research Program Committee congratulates Dr. Caldona on his achievement and looks forward to the advancements his work will bring to the field of materials protection and performance.”

For more information about the Dr. A. John Sedriks Seed Grant and AMPP, visit the AMPP website. More information about NDSU’s coatings and polymeric materials program can be found online. 

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