Oct. 9, 2023

NDSU Libraries unveils podcasting and digital media studio


In response to student requests, NDSU Libraries unveiled its podcasting and digital media studio, a space designed to meet students wishes for better access to audio and video recording equipment and a dedicated environment for a wide range of creative, academic and research projects.

This initiative emerged from students' recognition of the current impact and importance of podcasting as a medium, as well as their desire for a quiet workspace beyond their dorm rooms and apartments to pursue such endeavors.

Beyond serving as a hub for creative expression, the podcasting and digital media studio doubles as a safe space for students honing their presentation skills. Equipped with professional recording equipment, it enables individuals to record themselves, refine their public speaking abilities and perfect their presentations.

The studio also reflects the library's commitment to meeting student needs and supporting their academic and creative ambitions. The project was funded in part by a Technology Fee Advisory Committee grant, which considered input from members of the Student Senate. 

This new facility is open to all NDSU students, staff and faculty. Booking the studio is easy and can be done online through the libraries’ website. The NDSU community can start using the studio right away, making it a convenient resource for their multimedia endeavors.

"What is great about this project is the student input and investment in the NDSU Library. I appreciate how Jolie Graybill's vision is to return our spaces back to student focused and inspiring spaces. I think everyone is excited about the new era the library is entering into," said Adam Elznic, NDSU’s emerging technologies services coordinator.

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