Sept. 20, 2023

NDSU training program receives $1.2 million NSF grant


The Discipline-Based Education Research community at NDSU was recently awarded a three-year, $1.2 million grant under the NSF STEM Edu OPRF Solicitation.

NDSU’s Collaborations in Discipline-Based Education Research program will immerse four postdoctoral research associates into the NDSU DBER, according to Jenni Momsen, NDSU professor of biological sciences and the director of the DBER program.

“As a training grant, our goal is to support these postdocs in expanding their research skills as they develop novel research threads,” Momsen said. “We also want to facilitate postdocs' development of institutional navigation skills - tools to help them find success in their first faculty position, industry career and beyond.”

The grant also highlights the NDSU program’s continued dedication to developing and implementing reflective and responsive training programs to engage trainees in a community of practice and enable all to succeed.

NDSU continues to be a national leader in DBER, serving as a model for collaborative, interdisciplinary research in STEM teaching and learning. The NDSU community’s work spans the educational continuum beginning with the undergraduates REU program, culminating in postdoctoral training to launch trainees into their careers.

"The research generated from this grant will contribute to our understanding of effective teaching and learning practices in STEM disciplines, while simultaneously facilitating the development and preparation of postdoctoral trainees for careers in DBER,” said Katie Wissman, NDSU assistant professor of psychology and a CoPI on the project.

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