Feb. 29, 2024

'The relationships you build along the way are invaluable'


Andrew Young, a 2012 management communications and broadcast journalism graduate, laid the foundation for his career through hands-on experience at NDSU.

In 2016, Young founded Abovo, a creative marketing and design agency located in downtown Fargo. The agency provides several services, from branding and graphic design to web development and video production, all focusing on telling compelling, resonant stories in creative ways.

Originally from Napoleon, North Dakota, Young’s path to marketing wasn’t a “straight shot.” His NDSU education played a pivotal role in nourishing his career in unexpected ways.

“My time at NDSU might not seem directly linked to my current role as creative director and owner of Abovo, but it's been fundamentally influential,” Young said. “Though my degree was in broadcast journalism and management communications, the core skills and experiences I gained have been invaluable. At NDSU, I was involved in launching and managing the Bison Information Network, the student-run television studio. This hands-on experience honed my storytelling and leadership skills and propelled me into an internship with ABC Network News, setting the stage for my future career.”

The culmination of these experiences led to a profound love for storytelling. During his time at NDSU, Young’s passion for creativity blossomed, becoming a defining aspect of his journey.

“What NDSU really offered me was the freedom and encouragement to dive into practical experiences. The ethos about doing, not just learning, perfectly suited my drive and curiosity,” Young said. “This hands-on approach allowed me to experiment, learn from real-world challenges and develop a diverse skill set that now underpins my work.”

Supportive faculty and mentors stand behind every successful student. For Young, NDSU fostered an environment of encouragement, essential for his personal and academic growth.

“Paul Nelson was one of those influential figures,” Young said. “He should know that his character and lessons have become a cornerstone of how I approach marketing and strategy.” 

“Then there's Michael Burns, or 'Burns,' as we affectionately call him. I consider him the epitome of a storyteller, and his passion for the craft is infectious,” Young said. “He didn't just teach; he narrated, engaged and inspired.”

Young said NDSU students should embrace their authentic selves, even if it means straying from the conventional path.

“Life isn’t a conveyor belt. it’s more like a vast array of stepping stones, each leading to different destinations,” Young said. “Craft your journey authentically. If college is your stepping stone, embrace it wholeheartedly, but if another path calls out to you, pursue it with equal passion and determination.”

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