Nov. 2, 2023

Scholarships improve NDSU experience


Scholarships can help greatly ease the financial burden for students, which allows them to focus more on their journey to success at NDSU. 

And NDSU students now have access to more scholarships than ever, setting them up for more positive campus experience and a brighter future. Doug Zeltinger, senior admission counselor and new student scholarship manager, said about eight to 12 new scholarships for incoming NDSU students are added each year. 

This year about 1,950 incoming first-year students received a scholarship. 

“It means so much to me to have received the Harry D. McGovern STEM scholarship,” said Kylie Laurence, a freshman mathematics major from Rosholt, South Dakota. “Coming from a relatively low-income family, paying for college had always been a worry of mine. That being said, I am so grateful to have received this scholarship as it has relieved a huge financial burden for me.”

Laurence said receiving the full-tuition scholarship means she will be able to graduate debt free and be able to focus more on her future career. 

In addition to the named scholarships, the admissions office offers guaranteed scholarships. To be eligible for a guaranteed scholarship, a student must be admitted to NDSU and have submitted their official high school transcript and test scores (if applicable). Scholarship offers are based on GPA and test scores. Students also can find major-specific scholarships through their respective college. 

The scholarship application for 2024 is now open. The deadline for first-year students to apply for scholarships is Thursday, Feb. 1. Both NDSU-based and select external scholarships can be found through NDSU’s scholarship portal

Zeltinger recommends students apply for as many scholarships as they can.

“You should apply for scholarships every single year that you are here, whether you come in and you get no scholarships or whether you come in and get six scholarships. Keep applying for scholarships every single year that you’re here,” Zeltinger said.

Zeltinger said it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fill out the general scholarship application, which then auto-matches scholarships based on each students’ specific answers.  

For external scholarships, Zeltinger advises students to start local and work their way out.    

To start your NDSU journey, apply today

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