Graduation List Fall 2022

Students receive degrees from NDSU

By Grace McIntyre, published Mar. 8, 2023

Congratulations to all of the North Dakota State University students who received one of the 829
degrees awarded in fall 2022.

Use the links below to view the names of students who graduated. Students are listed by
hometown, along with their major and degree received.

An asterisk indicates students who graduated with honors. A student must earn a 3.50 grade point
average or higher to graduate with honors.

North Dakota Graduation List Fall 2022

Minnesota Graduation List Fall 2022 

Montana Graduation List Fall 2022 

South Dakota Graduation List Fall 2022

Wisconsin Graduation List Fall 2022

Other States Graduation List Fall 2022

Other Countries Graduation List Fall 2022

Unknown Hometown Graduation List Fall 2022


Degree abbreviations:
BA = Bachelor of Arts
BFA = Bachelor of Fine Arts
BMUS = Bachelor of Music
BS = Bachelor of Science
BSABENG = Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
BSARCH = Bachelor of Science in Architecture
BSCE = Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
BSCONENG = Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering
BSCONSM = Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
BSCPRE = Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
BSEE = Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BSIEMGT = Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management
BSME = Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
BSMFE = Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
BSN = Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BUS = Bachelor of University Studies
DMA = Doctor of Musical Arts
MA = Master of Arts
MACC = Master of Accountancy
MBA = Master of Business Administration
MCONSM = Master of Construction Management
MEDUCAT = Master of Education
MENGR = Master of Engineering
MM = Master of Music
MNRM = Master of Natural Resources Management
MPH = Master of Public Health
MPHEPI = Master of Public Health in Epidemiology
MS = Master of Science
MSCM = Master of Supply Chain Management
MSE = Master of Software Engineering
PHD = Doctor of Philosophy

Other abbreviations:
Bio. = Biology
Dev. = Development
Edu. = Education
Eng. = Engineering