Dec. 6, 2023

Students share their favorite spots on campus


As finals week approaches, NDSU students find solace and inspiration in their favorite spots on campus for focus and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for a new study spot or a place to decompress and take a brain break, here’s a list of some favorite spots on campus shared by fellow students:  

Photo of Ashlyn Schauer on campus


Major: Strategic communications (undergraduate) and communication (graduate school)

Year: Senior (undergraduate) and first-year master’s degree student 

Hometown: Jamestown, North Dakota

What’s your favorite place on campus?
“My favorite spot on campus to study is the second floor of Sugihara Hall. I love the big windows and natural light. My second favorite spot is the skywalks on campus, they are a blessing in the winter and allow for a warm walk with so much natural light.”

Why is that your favorite place?
“Sugihara Hall is my favorite spot on campus because it has different seating options for working in groups or by yourself, and there is so much natural lighting from the large windows. It allows for a comfortable study spot and a fun place to hang with friends.”

Photo of Jillian McCusker on campus


Major: Management and global business

Year: Junior

Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota

What’s your favorite place on campus?
“Memorial Union!”

Why is that your favorite place?
“The Union is the best place to find out what is going on around campus; many organizations will set up booths in the Union or hang their posters in the space. Also, it is always bustling with people, so you are bound to see a friend you know passing by.”

Photo of Anna Kessel on campus


Major: Business management; minor in management communication

Year: Junior

Hometown: Dickinson, North Dakota

What’s your favorite place on campus?
“I have a few! One would be the Wellness Center, another would be the Horticulture Research and Demonstration Gardens and third would be the Memorial Union.”

Why is that your favorite place?
“I always run into people I know at the Wellness Center and there are so many activities you can do with friends there. Going for walks on the track on the third floor with friends is where I’ve had some of my best laughs. This is a great place to go to take your mind off of studying for a while.”

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