Oct. 17, 2023

Transfer students: ‘My experience with NDSU has been amazing’


NDSU welcomes several transfer students each year, fostering an inclusive community that embraces the rich experiences and viewpoints they bring to campus. At NDSU, inclusivity and mutual respect are essential. The goal is for each individual to feel a profound sense of belonging that helps them grow personally and academically.

We recently asked a few transfer students about their NDSU experience. Read below about what drew them to the university and the advice they offer for prospective students eager to maximize their NDSU journey.

A photo of Anna Lill

Anna Lill

Major: Undeclared (focusing on business and marketing)

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Langdon, North Dakota

Transferred from North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS)

Why did you choose NDSU?

I wanted to further my career and help provide more for my family. I wasn't happy with the fact that I hadn't finished my degree back in 2006 and I wanted to show my children that if I can go back to school and get the degree and job of my dreams, they can do it too.

What was your transfer experience like at NDSU?

My advisor, Alex Lau, was the best support service and resource. He made everything go so smoothly and easy. It had been 15 years since I was in college and almost 18 since high school. It took a lot of prayer and reflection, as well as self-motivation, to get mentally prepared for the stress of going back to school.

Can you describe your academic and social experiences since joining NDSU’s campus community?

This time around is truly better. I went from the bottom of the class in 2005-2006, to the top and being on the dean's list this time. NDSU made learning fun and easy.

What are your tips or advice for other students considering transferring to NDSU?

If you are on the fence about transferring, my advice is to just do it. You won't regret it at all. It was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself!. Ten out of ten, would definitely do it again.

Photo of Molly Massar

Molly Massar

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

Hometown: Walker, Minnesota

Transferred from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Why did you choose NDSU?

I had always heard good things about NDSU and it was close to my family and friends. I felt safe on campus and I was able to visit home on the weekends easily.

What was your transfer experience like at NDSU?

I was able to do everything online and through Zoom meetings with an advisor. It was a pretty easy process. Before classes started, I went with my sister around campus to find where all my classes were.

Can you describe your academic and social experiences since joining NDSU’s campus community?

I changed my advisor to a professor I had during my first semester at NDSU. This advisor helped me a lot in figuring out the classes I needed, how to plan for my future and how to get more involved with research on campus. One thing that really stuck out to me was how nice people are at NDSU. I felt welcomed on campus. I also got the opportunity to be a learning assistant. I love being a learning assistant because you get to help other students succeed and you get to build a relationship with the professor you work with.

What are your tips or advice for other students considering transferring to NDSU?

Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors, they often have super helpful advice. If you are considering doing any research in the future, there are usually many opportunities for being a research assistant in one of the labs on campus. It's a great experience for psychology majors, especially if you want to go to graduate school.

Photo of Mason Janicke

Masynn Janicke

Major: Nutrition Science, Minor in Psychology

Year: Junior

Hometown: Roseau, Minnesota

Transferred from Northland Community and Technical College

Why did you choose NDSU?

I chose NDSU initially because of their radiological science program, but I recently went through a change in major and chose nutrition science and psychology. I found that the nutrition science program can lead me to my master's degree in a quicker timeframe than other universities and with great success.

What was your transfer experience like at NDSU?

Initially, I was doing online school at Northland before coming to NDSU. I was nervous to be back in a classroom. I have friends who were already here in the Fargo-Moorhead area, so it was easy to find myself here on the weekends. With that, I found myself less stressed about the general environment since I grew familiar with it beforehand. I found it to be a pretty easy transition since my advisor, Angie, was with me every step of the way. Without her I don't know if I would be confident in my transfer process. I know that there are many support services here at NDSU, including events, tutoring, staff, etc. I found myself reaching out to her about everything and she never questioned a thing. She helped me through it all.

Can you describe your academic and social experiences since joining NDSU’s campus community?

My experience with NDSU has been amazing so far. Coming here has taught me so much about myself. My academic experiences have been great. My professors are very understanding and make me feel welcome each semester, even though classes are large. It is just as equal socially. I was nervous coming in as a sophomore, but it feels no different. I have met great people who have turned into friends and I wouldn't change it for anything.

What are your tips or advice for other students considering transferring to NDSU?

I found that the biggest help to me was being open with my advisor from the beginning. Whenever I had an idea or question, she was the first person I went to, and she was beyond helpful. Another would be to get connected with people however you can. Whether that is through an organization or in your program, meeting people you are going to be around for at least four years is so important and will lead you more than you think. There is no doubt that it will be difficult right away, but quickly it will be worth the change.

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