July 8, 2016

Moody's affirms positive rating for NDSU


NDSU is in the process of refinancing some of its bonds.  A routine part of this process is for an independent bond rating agency to review the institution and evaluate its financial condition.  NDSU received its report from Moody’s Investors Service as of July 6th, 2016, and it was very positive.  Of particular note, Moody’s wrote the following about the governing and management of NDSU:

"NDSU's strategic positioning is good, reflecting excellent long-term planning, strong investment in core programs and facilities, and careful financial oversight enhancing financial flexibility. The university carefully calibrates its expenses to revenue volatility, which is essential given high competition for students, variable state funding, and pressure on federal research funding. Management continues to successfully capitalize on Fargo's economic growth, with industry partnerships for education, job placement and research."

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