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Graduate student receives Gunkelman Award

Photo of Meghan Yerhot

Meghan Yerhot

Meghan Yerhot, a graduate student in developmental science, has been recognized with the 2019 Mary McCannel Gunkelman Recognition Award. She was honored during a ceremony May 3 at the Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center.

Yerhot is a graduate assistant in TRIO programs.

The annual award recognizes the person who creates an atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment for NDSU students. 

One letter of nomination said, “The nominee is a walking smile. To provide an example of how much light this person brings to campus, she recently re-worked the lyrics to a very popular song among undergraduates, sung by Drake. The new lyrics on their TRIO door, with photos of Drake pointing at the camera read, ‘Students, are you reading? Are you writing? Are you down with knowledge? Cause I want ya, and I need ya... to succeed in college.’  

Another nominator wrote, “The nominee is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and she is relentless in her efforts to ensure the happiness and success of others around them. She is a third-year doctoral student here at NDSU and works in the NDSU TRIO program providing advising to undergraduate students. Each year the program hosts an interview day for perspective students. The nominee plays a huge role in not only organizing the day, but also in making sure that our interviewees feel welcome.”

“The nominee brings joy to everyone around her,” wrote a third nominator. “In class she is not only bright and inquisitive, but she has a deep ability to understand and help her peers. She brings out the best in any student, encouraging them to share their perspective and providing a listening ear and compassionate smile. The nominee is always there to cheer the loudest for her peers, whether it’s in victory or as a pick-me-up.” 

Yerhot said she was touched by the nominations. "It means so much to me," she said of the award. "I care a lot about the students."

A total of 80 employees and students were nominated this year. In addition to Yerhot, they include:

Name                                     Department or college

Adele Malone           College of Science and Mathematics

Adnan Akyuz            AES Continuing Appointments-Soil Science

Alexa Braaten          College of Science and Mathematics

Alexis Rusch            College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Amanda Reil             Career Center

Amy Montebello        College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Angeline Walswick     Allied Sciences

Apryl Schroeder         Mechanical Engineering

Arup Dey                    College of Engineering

Brady Kuta                 College of Business

Briana Lewis             College of Human Development and Education

Calum Evoniuk           College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Caren Blaschke          College of Human Development and Education

Carin Engler                 Residence Life

Casondra Rutschke      College of Business

Claire Longley               College of Health Professions

Dana Davis                    Dean’s office, College of Health Professions and College of Human Development and Education

Daniel Erichsen              Information Technology Services

Diane Harrison                NDSU Card Center

Anne Braaten                  Apparel Design and Hospitality Management

Jill Zuber                          Accounting and Information Services

Mark Strand                     Pharmacy Practice

Ed Deckard                       AES Plant Science

Ethan Geisness                 College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Greg Morgenson               AES Plant Science

Jack Norland                     School of Natural Resources

Jack Radtke                       College of Engineering

Janet Fleming-Halmrast     Computer Science

Jenna Grabinski                   Wellness Center

Jessie Rock                          Geosciences

John Weitzel                         Facilities Management

Joshua Schroetter               Residence Life

Kelsey Young                       College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Kenard Booker                     TRIO

Kimberly Booth                     Biological Sciences

Leretta Smith                       Sociology and Anthropology

Lindsey Pouliot                    College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Liz Frannea                          Dean’s office, Health Professions

Margaret Latterell                Performing Arts

Marilyn Dowdy                     International Student and Study Abroad Services

Megan Bouret                       Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Mathematics

Megan Girard                       College of Engineering

Melissa Selders-Ortez        Graduate School

Muhabbat Yakubova           College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Patrick Pochant                    College of Engineering

Rachel Goodman                Residence Life

Ryan Brinkman                    Residence Life

Sara Cramer                         College of Business

Sarah Freitag                        College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources

Sean Burt                              History, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Shannon Ueker                    Ext. Plant Science and College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Sharon Dunkel                     Student Health Service

Stephanie Jensen               College of Human Development and Education

Ty Brooks                              College of Science and Mathematics

Loren Baranko                     Animal Science, College of Human Development and Education

Logan John                           College of Science and Mathematics

David Roberts                      AES Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Elizabeth Hilliard                 Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science

Erik Hanson                          AES Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Grant Anderson                   College of Engineering

John Creese                         Sociology and Anthropology

Linda Ficker                          Dean’s office, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Maggie Duggan                   Athletics and College of Business

Nathan Block                        NDSU Dining

Patti Sebesta                        Dean’s office, Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources

Wendy McCrory                   Information Technology

Cheryl Wachenheim              AES Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Julie Bietz                              AES Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Rhonda Axtman                     NDSU Dining

Enrico Sassi                          Graduate Center for Writers

Larry Kstrinos                       Facilities Management

Dale Cardwell                      Facilities Management

Pat Mattson                           NDSU Dining

Lorna Olsen                          Information Technology Services

Nathaniel Tohm                   College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources

Alan Zuk                                Plant Sciences

Sandra Scott                         NDSU Dining

Jeremy Straub                      Computer Science

Jordan Jorde                        College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources

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