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Staff members honored with 'campus kudos'

Photo of Kenard Booker

Kenard Booker

Photo of Ben Bernard

Ben Bernard

The NDSU Staff Senate Recognition Committee recently honored Kenard Booker, TRIO Student Support Services director, and Benjamin Bernard, computer service specialist in the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, with “campus kudo” awards. They were recognized during a presentation Sept. 4.

Booker was nominated by Joel Hanson, Engineering Student Support Center director, who wrote, "On many occasions, I have reached out to Kenard Booker for his assistance in getting a student the help they need. This morning, I was working with a transfer student who was recently denied a diversity waiver and I sensed that he was banking on that waiver to help him with his educational expenses. I called Kenard and gave a brief description of the student's situation and Kenard took it from there. A couple of messages that Kenard repeated to the student was that ‘we want you to be successful’ and ‘we want you to earn your degree.’ Each and every word that Kenard relayed to the student was positive, reassuring and built confidence in this young man. He came in my office a bit deflated because of being denied the diversity waiver but left on cloud nine. I appreciate Kenard and the work that he does so very much."

Bernard was nominated by Jeremy Straub, assistant professor of computer science, who praised Bernard’s efforts during the MITRE Capture The Flag competition. “During MITRE CTF, students demonstrate their cybersecurity skills and knowledge on a national stage,” Straub wrote. “We run a local event for the competition on campus, and Ben went out and got all of the food to set up the event. He got the snacks from a grocery store and then he collected dinner for everyone from a local restaurant. Ben collecting the food and beverages was extraordinarily helpful, as it meant that I didn’t have to leave during the event. What is most notable about this is that Ben works in architecture and landscape architecture, and the event is run by the computer science department. Ben’s help improved the quality of the event by allowing us to serve better food and allowing me to remain present to deal with issues that could have arisen."

The campus kudo award is a certificate of appreciation for students, staff or faculty who demonstrate customer service, continuous improvement, teamwork, integrity or quality.

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