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Faculty member quoted in story

Photo of Fariz Huseynov

Fariz Huseynov

Fariz Huseynov, associate professor of finance, is featured in a newly-published article. The story, “Business Credit Cards: WalletHub makes it easy to find the best business credit card for you,” lists the best business credit cards of 2019.

Huseynov was among 48 experts from across the country interviewed for the story.

He was asked:

• How important are credit cards to small business owners?

• What are the best ways to use a business credit card?

• Why use a business credit card for business instead of a personal card?

• Does a company need to be incorporated to get a business credit card?

• Why don't more banks and credit unions offer business credit cards?

• All things considered, are business credit cards better than personal credit cards?

Huseynov explained that credit cards are important for small business owners.

“First, credit cards allow business owners to continue their business operations, such as ordering materials, paying for some operating expenses, when their business is experiencing ‘cash crunch’ due to a temporary downtime,” he said for the story. “Second, small business owners generally experience difficulty with building strong credit history and accessing significant credit lines. Having a credit card starts this process and allows small business owners to improve their credit scores which will definitely help if they are applying for larger business loans. Third, having a credit card can be a first step to building closer relationship with financial institutions that may lead to getting a larger business loan in the future, in case the business needs more funds to grow. Fourth, most credit cards give cash awards which may quickly become a significant amount for a small business.”

Huseynov earned his bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University, Turkey; master’s degree in finance from Ball State University; and doctorate in finance at the University of Memphis.

His research concentrates on the factors impacting corporate decisions and their implications on financial markets.

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