March 24, 2022

NDSU listed among Cyber Skyline Cyber power rankings


NDSU is ranked eighth in the nation and second in the central region out of more than 300 colleges and universities based on student success in the National Cyber League competition.

The NCL competition challenges students to solve problems in nine cybersecurity topic areas that are broadly representative of workforce needs.

According to Cyber Skyline, the rankings represent the ability of students to perform real-world cybersecurity tasks on the Cyber Skyline platform. Students identify hackers from forensic data, pentest and audit vulnerable websites, as well as recover from ransomware attacks.

“The Cyber Power rankings are a direct indication of the strength of NDSU’s cybersecurity students,” said NDSU Institute for Cyber Security Education and Research director, Jeremy Straub, assistant professor of computer science. “Our ranking shows that our students are ready to enter the workforce and excel in key roles in the incredibly high staffing demand area of cybersecurity.”

The National Cyber League was launched in 2011 by multiple agencies to drive the development of future cybersecurity professionals. More than 12,000 students participate in NCL annually from 600 academic institutions. NDSU was ranked 13th nationally in spring 2021.

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