May 5, 2022

Graduate student receives Gunkelman Award


Krystal Grieger, graduate student in chemistry education, was presented NDSU’s prestigious Mary McCannel Gunkelman Recognition Award during ceremonies May 4 at the Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center.

The Gunkelman Award was established in January 1987 by the late John L. Gunkelman and his family in memory of Mary Gunkelman, who was a 1942 graduate of the College of Home Economics.

Gunkelman was dedicated to the principle that a student is more apt to attain his or her full potential in an enjoyable environment, and the annual award goes to the student, staff member or faculty member who best makes the campus a welcoming, friendly place.

“When I think about what earning this award means to me, I'm highly honored to have received it,” Grieger said. “I have been very fortunate to have many excellent professors at NDSU, both as an undergraduate and graduate student, that I strive to model my teaching practices after. I know that I have greatly benefitted from their efforts both personally and professionally, and I hope I can be that person for the next generation of students.”

Grieger, who is a teaching assistant in an organic chemistry course, was nominated for her selfless contributions to student success. She often held office hours late into the evening, created a sense of community even when courses were held via Zoom and provided students with helpful career information.

“Krystal functions as a mentor and advisor,” wrote nominator Annie Schiro. “Krystal was the most involved TA I had during my undergraduate experience. She has an open heart and mind, creating a warm and welcoming environment everywhere she goes.”

Schiro continued, “Krystal handles challenges elegantly and always has an open mind and a positive approach. She is an amazing teacher, mentor and friend. She has inspired me to pursue higher education and given me so many resources to reach that goal. While I can only speak for myself, I am positive that countless other students feel the same support from Krystal.”

The complete list of Gunkelman Award nominees included:


Bhanu Dangi - Plant science

Breanna Metzenhuber - Animal Science

Claire Hauge - Nursing

Connor Dilse - Engineering

Dylan Brose - Electrical Engineering

Gage Jaeger - Mechanical Engineering

Hannah Wiebold - Construction Engineering 

Krystal Grieger  - Chemistry

Lance Balstad - Computer Science

Makenzie Stockwell - ND EPSCoR

Nathaniel Johnson - Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science

Parker Hoffman - Criminal Justice

Zhila Dehdari Ebrahimi - Transportation Logistics


Beth Dahl - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Brenda Deckard - Plant Sciences

Christine Davis - Dining Services

Ella Nies - Pharmacy

Justin Swank - Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Linnae Weinrich - Library Circulation Staff

Lisa Johnson - Plant Sciences

Maggie Skrogstad - Human Development and Family Science

Marcellus Beasley - Dining Services

Satpal Singh Wadhwa - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute


Blaine Novak - Animal Science

Cheryl Wachenheim - Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Dennis Cooley - Philosophy

Christi McGeorge - Human Development and Family Science 

Jamee Larson - English

Jessica Danielson - Counselor Education

G. Nazari - Mechanical Engineering

Gary Secor - Plant Pathology

James Nyachwaya - Chemistry

President Dean L. Bresciani - Health Sciences and Education

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