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Scholarships ease the burden for students

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Access to scholarships for first year students and transfer students at NDSU has increased dramatically in recent years.

NDSU students have more access to scholarships than ever before. In recent years, gifts from alumni and friends have helped a growing number of students by reducing their financial burden.

“This award means all my hard work in high school paid off,” said Adeline Williams, who received a Harry D. McGovern Full Tuition STEM Scholarship.

“With this scholarship, I will be able to focus on my schooling and not have to worry about paying for my college,” said Williams, an incoming microbiology major from Gaylord, Minnesota.

“We have gotten to a point where last year any North Dakota student who applied for a scholarship received an award. Scholarships allow us to remain competitive against other institutions in the recruitment of students,” said Doug Zeltinger, senior admission counselor and new student scholarship manager.

The number of scholarships awarded to incoming first-year students and transfer students has risen dramatically in recent years. Many of scholarships are made possible by contributions made through the NDSU Foundation.

“When benefactors fund scholarships, they’re investing in the future leaders and innovators our communities need — both locally and globally. These gifts help create access and opportunity and enhance the overall NDSU experience,” said John Glover, president and CEO of the NDSU Foundation.

Zeltinger said it takes only 10 to 15 minutes to apply for a scholarship, and the time is clearly worth the effort.

“The biggest response we get from students is that being a scholarship recipient means they do not have to work during the academic year, which allows them to concentrate more on their studies. If they do still work, they are not working as many hours because their scholarship helps cover some of their college costs,” Zeltinger said, encouraging students to apply for scholarships.

“Sometimes students think to themselves that if they’re not a 4.0 student or class valedictorian they won’t qualify for scholarship – that is not the case,” Zeltinger said. “Scholarships can be based on need or a student’s major. We also have some scholarships for first-generation college students or if they come from a specific county within the state.”

Start your journey of success today at NDSU.

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