March 9, 2023

Student Resources: Career and Advising Center


Career and Advising Center photo
The NDSU Career and Advising Center provides resources to help students achieve their academic and career goals.

The Career and Advising Center empowers and supports NDSU students as they work to achieve their academic and career goals by assisting with major and career exploration, facilitating connections and providing education. Students can utilize the center’s resources to help find internship opportunities, part-time jobs or full-time careers.

Academic advising and career coaching teams meet with students to prepare them for success within their selected majors, exploratory areas and job search strategies while helping them find opportunities that will develop or complement their skills.

Connecting with employers is crucial for career exploration and can often lead to an internship, co-op or full-time employment opportunity. The Career and Advising Center offers various opportunities for students to network with employers across industries, including large-scale career fairs and smaller tabling events. Students can make an appointment or drop in to receive center services.

“The NDSU Career and Advising Center understands the workforce demands of our state and region and takes great pride in ensuring our students are well-prepared beyond their rigorous academic programs to join the workforce,” said Becky Bahe, Career and Advising Center director. “Employers specifically recruit at NDSU as they say they can count on NDSU students to be good employees with proficient skills.”

The center, located on campus on the third floor of Ceres Hall, also manages an internship program that allows students to earn credit for their internships and co-ops.

Handshake is a career management platform the center uses to help students prepare for and find the right career path. It connects students to employers that offer meaningful jobs and careers including part-time, full-time, seasonal/temporary (summer), internships and volunteer work. The system also offers resources to help students enhance their job search, research companies and improve their application materials.

“The Career and Advising Center is a free and accessible resource that students can use. We do a lot of reviewing of documents like resumes, curriculum vitas and cover letters,” said Delaney Sage, student career mentor. “We also prep with interviewing by doing mock interviews and have a career closet where students can rent out professional clothing.”

“A lot of students come in and when they leave tell me how prepared they feel. It’s a great way to make sure you have someone else in your corner helping you get ready for what’s next,” Sage said.

For more on the Career and Advising Center and other student resources, visit NDSU’s official YouTube page.

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