April 18, 2024

Why choose NDSU?


There are several reasons that make NDSU stand out. From committed faculty and groundbreaking research to amazing academic programs and an inclusive campus environment, read below to learn why several current students chose to join the Bison family. 

NDSU student Caleb Wagar

NAME: Caleb Wagar

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Construction management 

HOMETOWN: Bellingham, Washington

I came out here for a tour and I got to meet a lot of professors. It was Scott Pryor and just the kindness of the group of everyone surrounding the engineering department that I knew I was at home. I didn’t find anything like this out west.  

NDSU student Ethan Renwick

NAME: Ethan Renwick

YEAR: Freshman

MAJOR: Computer science 


I wanted to pick a school close to home so I could see my family on the weekends and not have to travel too far on breaks. 

NDSU student Alison Reynolds

NAME: Alison Reynolds

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Sport management

HOMETOWN: Minneapolis, Minnesota

I transferred to NDSU my sophomore year. I originally went to school in New York, but being from the Twin Cities, I turned out to not be a fan of being that far from home. I really like NDSU’s sport management program, so I thought it was a really great option.

NDSU student Jackson Greff

NAME: Jackson Greff

YEAR: Freshman

MAJOR: Pharmaceutical sciences


I chose NDSU because of the great pharmacy program. 

NDSU student Matthew Propeck

NAME: Matthew Propeck

YEAR: Freshman

MAJOR: Biological sciences


I think Fargo is a great community and I think that the sports and social life here are really wonderful. 

NDSU student Steve Holmes

NAME: Steve Holmes

YEAR: Freshman

MAJOR: Criminal Justice 

HOMETOWN: Towner, North Dakota

I decided to go to NDSU because my siblings were going here. I’m a triplet, so I had to make sure I went to college with them. 

NDSU student Jasmine Jacklovich

NAME: Jasmine Jacklovich

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Human development and family science


I chose NDSU because I want to be an education major. I got two for the price of one; a human development degree, and I’m a Valley City State student as well. 

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