• Research Agronomist
  • Professor
  • Extension Agent
  • International Agriculture Consultant
  • Program Coordinator

For individuals who

Are interested in a career associated with the Cooperative Extension Service.

Looking for

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching methods in Agricultural Education. Opportunities for research and hands on field experience. 

To become

  • Extension Director
  • Extension Agricultural Technology Specialist
  • Extension Communications Specialist
  • Educator

Program Description

Extension Education offers graduate study leading to the M.S. and M.Ed. degrees. Specialized training in an area of interest is required.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Graduate School’s required application materials, the program requires:

1) a statement of purpose that addresses the question, “How will this degree help me achieve my professional goals?”

2) a letter from a faculty member/specialist expressing their willingness and ability to mentor the candidate in their area of interest.

Admission is only considered after all required application materials have been received and reviewed.