• Nanofabrication Process Engineer
  • Professor
  • Nanotechnology Engineering Technologist
  • Chemist
  • Research Scientist

For individuals who

Are interested in engineering, biomechanics, chemistry, materials and want to pursue a master's or Ph.D.

Looking for

Interdisciplinary coursework and the option to pursue a track towards a Master's Thesis or a Culminating Experience.

To become

  • Materials Engineer
  • Nanotechnology Engineering Technologist
  • Researcher
  • Professor

Program Description

North Dakota State University offers an interdisciplinary program leading to the Master of Science or Ph.D. degree in Materials and Nanotechnology (MNT). The program includes a series of required MNT core courses; additional elective courses; written and oral preliminary examinations; a doctoral dissertation based on independent, original research in the area of materials and nanotechnology; and a final oral examination of the dissertation.